Press Report: 9th July 2013

by | Jul 9, 2013 | Press Reports

No less than forty members of the Quakers Running Club turned up for ‘the other’ local Darlington race – the Pitstop 10k at Croft Circuit on Wednesday 3rd July. A warm evening saw both the male team and the female team come away with first place, thanks to Dean Newton (35.50), Michael Joyeux (36.00), Peter Commane (36.46) for the men and Katherine Hackett (41.50), April Corbett (51.34) and Pam Barrass (54.26) for the women. Katherine and April both recorded new personal best times for the distance, as did Rob Dent (40.45), Michael Kay (42.40), Chris Minto (42.42), Anthony Corbett (47.55), Peter Cartwright (49.38) and Sandra Martin (55.34).


Other finishers were Charles Herrington (37.41), Chris Jakeman (39.01), Nick Mason (39.20), Nick Wadd (40.06), Brian Martin (40.13), Wayne Bramley (41.02), Darren Stockdale (42.56), Dave McLachlan (43.48), Dave Whittle (44.06), Steve Snook (44.20), Rob Gillham (47.21), Jeff Marriott (48.26), Darryn Wood (48.26), Stephen Padgett (48.39), Neil Harrington (49.49), Nigel Walker (49.59), Stephen McAllister (50.30), John Brant (51.21), Steven Johnstone (51.37), Rob Marquiss (52.00), Ian Young (52.34), Clare Stradling (55.07), Leigh-Marie Padgett (55.49), Paul Hutchinson (55.59), Wendy Noble (59.05), Sue New (59.31), Adrian Dent (65.13) and Julie Remmer (66.55).

The temperature on Sunday made racing tougher than usual, but there was still a large club presence at the second Butterwick Hospice Hamsterley Forest 10k Trail Race. First Quaker home was Chris Jakeman (42.57) followed by David Todd (43.32) and second female overall Katherine Hackett (45.09). Also completing the undulating forest course were Michael Kay (45.40), Steve Snook (46.42), Steven Moore (47.14), Lucy Jefferies (48.06), Chris Minto (48.34), Graeme Stanton (49.42), Marta Rybarcyk (50.31), Ingrid Gunning (51.09), Anthony Corbett (52.45), Peter Rowley (53.03), Rob Gillham (53.28), Jeff Marriott (53.52), Darryn Wood (54.54), Ty Hankinson (55.03), Nigel Walker (55.32), Paul Jefferies (55.54), Michael Robinson (57.17), Neil Harrington (58.22), Rob Marquiss (59.00), Sarah Davies (61.59), Clare Stradling (63.07), Robert Kirby (64.37), Leigh-Marie Padgett (64.37) and Allyson Sanderson (70.48).

Later the same day, as the sunshine and humidity levels rose further, several club members attended the Kilburn Feast  7 Road Race. In view of the famous White Horse cut in the landscape near Thirsk, this annual weekend village fair closes with a well-attended race of over 7 miles.

Dean Newton and Michael Joyeux renewed their friendly rivalry, with Dean finishing in 43.31, just 7 seconds ahead of Michael. Next finisher was Brian Martin in 48.17 and then first of our female finishers was Julie Whinn (65.39).  Sandra Cass (68.38) managed to stay ahead of Anthony Corbett (68.59) who had earlier in the day completed the Hamsterley Trail race. April Corbett was just behind (69.23), followed by John Whinn a minute later. Colin Smith (75.19) was next, then Sandra Martin and Emily Mann who finished together (77.22).  Emma Whitworth was the final Quaker over the line, 87.37 her recorded time.

Sandwiches, cake, tea and squash were provided in the village hall – where Brian Martin divided up birthday cake for the Quaker runners to celebrate his wife Sandra’s birthday.

Peter Commane setting a superb new PB at Croft! Photo Courtesy of Karen Newton Peter Commane setting a superb new PB at Croft! Photo Courtesy of Karen Newton