Press Report: 23rd July 2013

by | Jul 25, 2013 | Press Reports

Several Quakers
packed their buckets and spades last weekend as they travelled to Blackpool to
take part in the Summer 10k road race.  Dean Newton finished second
overall, and first in his age group with 34:57 whilst David Todd was the next
Quaker home in 39:56.  Wayne Bramley was second in his age
group, completing the course in 40:40, just ahead of training partner
Katherine Hackett in 41:00 who also finished second in her age
group.  Rob Dent continued with his recent run of form as he finished in
41:27, ahead of Stephen Moore in 42:32 and Chris Minto in 43:53.  Louise
Trainor finished second in her age group with 44:09, and was followed by Paul
Keedy in 46:36 and Marta Rybarczyk in 47:43.  Also running in the race
were Jeff Marriott (47:56), Ty Hankinson (48:10), Nigel Walker (50:16), Rob
Marquiss (51:35), Darryn Woods (51:37), Daniel Crane (58:08), Kristy Burkin
(58:15), Susan Limbert (62:44) and Adrian Dent (67:11).

 At the Victorian 10k at Redcar last weekend, Michael Joyeux was
fist Quaker home, finishing in 34:50 and followed by Nick Mason in 38:55.
Diane Vaughan finished second in her age group with 46:46, ahead of Peter
Rowley in 48:01, Colin Smith in 57:06 and Paul Hutchinson in 57:08.  Also
last weekend, Darren Stockdale completed the Sunderland 5k in 20:13, ahead of
Nic Hollindale in 21:16 and Diane Vaughan in 21:37, again finishing second in
her age group.

Midweek, David Todd
took part in the JCB Lakeside 5 mile race at Rocester, finishing in 33:22
whilst Claire Norman completed the Harrogate 10k in 61:03 on Sunday.

 Earlier in the month, the latest Tees Trail Race took place at Preston
Park.  Lucy Jefferies was first Quaker to complete the 5k race and second
female, recording a time of 21:09, Darren Stockdale was next home for the club
in 21:27, just ahead of Stephen Moore in 21:48 and Andrew Knox in 22:06.
Nic Hollindale finished in 22:21 ahead of Diane Vaughan in 23:07 (who was third
in her age group) and Paul Jefferies in 24:05.  Danny Gordon
completed the course in 24:58 (finishing third in his age group) ahead of
Darryn Wood in 25:46, Matt Jackson in 26:34 and Paul Hutchinson in 29:14.

At Albert Park,
Stephen Moore completed the park run in 20:18 whilst Alan Prest ran the Durham
route in 29:57 and Andrew Knox finished the Hackworth event in 21:30.  At
Sedgefield, Dave Thompson was first Quaker to complete the 5k run in 22:32,
followed by Wendy Colling in 24:31, Mark Colling in 25:45 and Diane Adkins in
30:58.  At South Shields, Anthony Corbett recorded 24:52 whilst Lucy
Jefferies was first lady to complete the Stewart Park course in
20:37.  Neil Harrington and John Brant completed the Tees Barrage event in
24:38 and 25:29 respectively whilst the Darlington event was attended by
Michael Joyeux (19:24), Ian Bond (22:27), Darryn Wood (22:54), Peter Rowley
(23:10), Danny Gordon (23:53), Michael Robinson (25:04), Hazel Commane (26:40),
Aiden Robertson (27:45), Michael King (30:01), Sally Singleton (31:28), Adrian Dent
(33:01) and Nicola Haigh (34:05).

Louise enjoying Blackpool sea front!! Louise enjoying Blackpool sea front!!