Press Report w/e 27/01/2019

by | Jan 29, 2019 | Press Reports

With virtually nothing on the race calendar again, it meant the black and white vest was only seen the once at the weekend.

Emma Joyeux and Lisa Alderson coming into the finish at South Park

The sole Quaker to be found racing was Susan Rigg who ran in the Border 10K, which started on the outskirts of Carlisle and finished across the border in Gretna, completing the route in 1:12:34.

The previous week had seen the latest of the Winter Wonder runs, this one at Hardwick Park, where runners had a 6 hour time limit to run for as long as possible around a 1.5 mile lap of the park. Anthony Corbett covered 30 miles in 5 hours 47 minutes, April Corbett covered 27 miles in 4 hours 50 minutes, while Karen Dove ran for a total of 5 hours 17 minutes.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:28 followed by Rob Dent (19:40), Andrew Vernon (20:09), David Matthew (20:27), Neil Gooding (22:12), Adrian Cottam (22:39), Dale Chapman (23:25), David Whittle (23:25), Rob Gillham (23:49), Peter Rowley (24:33), Stuart Masterman (25:13), David Willis (26:49), Nikki Thompson (27:03), Elizabeth Kennedy (27:12), Brian Dixon (27:21), Julie Bell (27:23), Gavin Armstrong (27:32), Paul Roberts (28:05), Mark Trowles (28:46), Paul Reid (28:55), Michael King (28:56), Michelle Scruby (29:26), Sally Singleton (30:28), Christopher Parsons (30:31), John Mcgrath (32:29), Gary Read (32:44), Mark Johnston (32:56), Phill Johnston (32:58), Fiona Dixon (33:17), Rachel Maddison (33:37), Wendy Noble (33:43), Lee Morris (34:14), Ally Sanderson (35:08), Wendy Thompson (36:47), Emma Joyeux (39:11) and Lisa Alderson (39:13).

At Sedgefield, Paul Dalton finished in 20:21 along with Katherine Hackett (22:06), Adrian Colbourne (22:19), Phil Rutter (22:40), Graham Park (23:21), Wendy Colling (24:31), April Corbett (28:01 in her 100th parkrun), Anthony Corbett (28:02 in his 250th parkrun), Sandra Cass (28:04), Nicola Howe (28:04), Gill Colling (28:05), Mark Colling (28:48), Diane Lockhart (31:04), Gill Wallis (35:04) and Sally Watson (43:59). At Albert Park, Michael Kipling ran there in 18:53 along with Steven Major (21:09) and Stephen Moore (29:23), Phil Clarke did the Catterick run in 24:21, while at Stewart Park, Judith Russell and Suzanne Jenkinson finished in 42:42 and 42:43 respectively. At Northallerton, Mike Watson finished in 25:43 along with Ian Hart (27:54) and Hannah Alderson (27:54), at Gibside David Ledgerwood and Anna Hardy ran there in 29:22 and 31:50 respectively, Rebecca Howard did the Heslington run in 30:54 and Helen Spaven ran at New Earswick in 31:42. Further afield, Stuart Hardcastle did the Wepre run in 24:41, while Kathryn plant finished the Severn Bridge run in 28:47.