Press Report w/e 23/06/2019

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Press Reports

In a week which saw the latest championship and league races, the biggest turnout was to be found on the North Yorkshire Moors.

Rebecca Howard coming into the finish at South Park

The annual Cleveland Way Relay took place along the entirety of the 109 mile route from Filey to Helmsley, which saw Quakers achieve their best ever result by having no less than four teams finish behind us! Those running in the two teams the club fielded were Rebecca Howard, Marc Ellis, Katherine Hackett, Nicola Wells, Michelle Dale, Michael Joyeux, Emma Joyeux, Jamie Norman, Claire Norman, Rebecca Bowes, Dave Jones, Rob Dent, Liz Kennedy, Claire Chapman, Andrew Dixon, David Aiken, Phil Rutter, Paul Ryan, Anthony Corbett, Gill Colling, Grainne Duffy, Lou Trainor, Abbie Hull, Mel Newton, Stephen Ash, Stephen Moore, Ginny Gannaway, April Corbett, Wendy Colling and Mark Colling.

The latest 10K league race was held down at Staveley, on a countryside route through the nature reserve. Paul Dalton completed the route in fifth place overall in 37:14 followed by David Matthew (39:07, PB), Brian Martin (39:49 and second in his age category), Darren Wright (39:55), Andrew Vernon (42:39), Adrian Colbourne (43:44), Rob Gillham (46:29), Lloyd Ashby (48:31), Jeremy Scott (48:59), Diane Vaughan (50:17), Sandra Martin (52:01), Ian Scott (52:29), David Ledgerwood (52:45), Emily Beaumont (53:58, PB), Helen Clark (56:12), Kathryn Plant (57:48) and Bex Stirland (1:03:18).

Taking place midweek was the latest championship race, the Whorlton Run, a 6.2 mile run from the village of Swainby. Michael Joyeux finished the undulating route in fifth place overall in 48:42 followed by Marc Ellis, in tenth place overall, in 50:11, Brian Martin (51:57 and first in his age category), Brian McLaren (1:00:28), Rob Gillham (1:03:22), Stuart Hardcastle (1:04:36), Simon Rek (1:04:59), Richard Payne (1:06:07), Julie Russell (1:07:13) and Ian Scott (1:28:21), The placings of our first four men home also saw them take the team prize on the night.

Also running at the same time was Diane Vaughan, who completed the 5K race at Leeds in 22:20, finishing in fifth place overall and second in her age category.

Five Quakers headed up to the Penshaw Half Marathon, which took in a route to the monument at the top of the hill. Nigel Eddy completed the very hilly route in 2:33:05 along with Gemma Eddy (2:55:09), Susan Rigg (3:27:58), Chris Parsons (3:28:49) and Fiona Dixon (3:29:07).

A few runners were also in for the long haul at the weekend. Richard Hughes headed over to the Pennines for the Spine Flare Race. On a 108 mile route from Edale in the Peak District to Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales, he completed the gruelling route in 49 hours 46 minutes.

Tom Chapman and Chris Evans took part in the Pennine Barrier 50 mile race, a circular route from the village of Malham at the southern edge of the Yorkshire Dales; the pair finishing in 12:09:11 and 15:22:39 respectively.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:34 followed by Michael Kipling (19:08), James Atkinson (20:19), Andrew Walsh (20:41), David Aiken (22:39), Rebecca Howard (22:39), Ed Griffiths (23:06), Steven Major (23:09), Gary Read (24:21), Dan Rowlands (24:26), Peter Rowley (24:42), Mark Robinson (25:07), Iain Clyde (25:13), Kirsty Smith Yates (25:38), Paul Taylor (25:42), Danny Gordon (26:03), Gillian Harris (26:44), Julie Bell (28:18), Martin Mcgregor (28:31), Stephen Moore (29:12), Paul Howell (29:33), Lisa Alderson (29:50), Julie Bourne (29:54), Jes Smith (29:58), John Cooke (30:33), Mark Trowles (30:52), Angela Taylor (30:52), Helen Whiting (31:07), Charlie Johnson (32:28), Carol Penney (32:38), Michael King (32:39), Paul Ryan (32:52), Deborah Miller (33:02), Chris Land (34:37), Rachel Maddison (35:24), Dawn Raper (36:55) and Linda Gossage (39:39).

At Sedgefield, Dave Thompson ran there in 23:55 along with Julie Whinn (26:30), Mark Colling   (27:44), Wendy Colling (30:15) and Abigail Willson (30:21), while at Redcar, Sarah Wilson finished in 27:02 followed by Hannah Alderson (27:08), Hayley Wooding (29:31) and Mike Watson (32:14). At Tees Barrage, Louise Trainor and Ian Scott ran there in 21:00 and 33:35 respectively, David Ledgerwood did the Durham run in 29:07, Anthony Corbett did the Marshall Drive run in 26:42 while at Hackworth, Paul Dalton and Anneli Mackenzie-Brown finished there in 19:45 and 31:16 respectively. At Catterick, Neil Gooding did the run in 19:48 along with Phil Clarke (24:35), Jo Meynell (28:15) and Michelle Dale (32:49), Andrew Dixon and Lisa Jenkins finished at Hartlepool in 21:49 and 28:34 respectively, and Stuart Hardcastle did the Wepre run in 25:12.