A fairly quiet week saw most action taking place midweek, as points were on offer once again.

Something catches Darren Alderson’s eye as he comes into the finish at South Park

The latest club championship race took place over on the coast, the Summer Coast Road 5K. Michael Joyeux finished the two lap route in third place overall in 15:50 followed by Marc Ellis (18:02), Dave Jones (18:16), Chris Minto (20:03), Luke Minall (20:37), Diane Vaughan (22:17), Rob Gillham (22:47), Andrew Dixon (22:56), Simon Rek (23:12), Julie Whinn (24:58), John Whinn (27:56), Abigail Willson (28:07), Lisa Alderson (29:28, PB), David Ledgerwood (29:30), Sally Singleton (30:33 and third in her age category), Clare Dixon (33:09) and Naomi Dixon (35:29).

Held simultaneously the same evening was the Durham 10K, run over an undulating route around the city. Gareth Kyle completed the distance in 45:16 along with Nicola Wells (47:49), Tom Chapman (47:35), Dave Murphy (49:58), Julie Russell (51:24), Michael Oliver (53:13), Jamie Pratt (53:27), Anthony Corbett (53:54), Iain Clyde (56:00), Paul Reid (56:48), Claire Chapman (56:14), Ginny Gannaway (57:35), Paul Hutchinson (57:38), Lisa Reeve (59:19), Julie Bell (1:00:13), Jo Dickinson (1:01:37), Melissa Hird (1:02:19), Lucy Bendle (1:07:55) and Melissa Duvall (1:10:46).

Also taking place one evening last week, was the Gerry Kearsley Summer Handicap over at Sedgefield. Stuart Hardcastle completed the 6.5 mile trail route in an aggregate time of 58:40 along with Richie Payne in 1:06:02.

Annette Clarke, Charlie Bogg and Dave Thompson were out on the West Yorkshire hills for the Denholme Doddle, the trio completing the 27 mile route around the moors and valleys near Bradford, together in 6 hours 40 minutes.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:33 followed by James Atkinson (19:21), Rob Dent (19:25), Dale Chapman (19:47), Neil Gooding (19:53), Michael Kipling (20:43), Luke Minall (21:10), Adrian Colbourne (21:16), Steve Howell (22:13), Billy Harris (22:32), Fred Tennant (23:50), Gary Read (23:53), Ian Hart (24:01), Mike Watson (24:59), Peter Rowley (25:15), Malcolm Hewitson (25:33), Nikki Thompson (25:37), Danny Gordon (26:03), Iain Clyde (26:06), Nick Wadd (26:21), Julie Whinn (27:25), Darren Alderson (27:36), Julie Bell (27:39), Helen Clarke (27:46), Hannah Alderson (27:47), Stuart Masterman (27:49), Juliette Mclaren (27:59), Gillian Harris (28:58), Michelle Scruby (29:11), Mark Robinson (29:13), Elizabeth Kennedy (29:16), Ginny Gannaway (29:20), Ian Hamond (29:28), Michael King (30:06), Sally Singleton (30:23), Alec Cinamon (30:56), David Stewart (31:14), Lucy Bendle (31:17 in her 100th parkrun), Sarah Bayles (33:25), Gary Birchall (33:33), Rachel Grayson (33:44), Lee Morris (33:45), Helen Spaven (33:55), Miranda Kirby (34:34), Gemma Marshall (34:55), Rachel Maddison (35:09), Terrianne Hauxwell (38:01), Caroline Moses (38:11), Emma Joyeux (40:02) and Paul Ryan (40:03).

At Sedgefield, Paul Dalton finished in 19:26 along with Andrew Vernon (20:20), Stuart Hardcastle (22:37) and Sarah Watson (31:07), while at Tees Barrage, Gareth Kyle ran there in 21:39 followed by Mark Trowles (27:19), Lisa Jenkins (30:22) and Emily Beaumont (33:49). Adrian Cottam did the Albert Park run in 20:08, while at Stewart Park, Marc Ellis finished in 18:25 along with Sharon Carr (42:22) and Judith Russell (42:29). Phill and Dawn Johnston ran at Flatts Lane in 39:07 and 39:28 respectively, David Ledgerwood did the Riverside run in 32:08, Phil Rutter finished the Prudhoe run in 22:45, Rebecca Howard completed the Oxford run in 21:35, while Barbra Barker ran at Chester in 28:17.