Press Report w/e 21/04/2019

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Press Reports

Quakers were out in force twice over the long weekend, which also saw a race win for the black and white vest.

Jo Meynell gets airborne at the race at Marske

The biggest turnout came on Good Friday over on the coast at Marske for the first league race of the year, the Mermaid 10K, where the flat course enabled several runners to set new personal bests and also saw Quakers taking up almost a quarter of the field. Michael Joyeux won the race, crossing the line in first place in 32:30. He was followed in by Brian Martin (38:04 and first in his age category), Michael Kipling (38:12), Dave Jones (38:35), Darren Wright (39:47), Rob Dent (40:18), Adrian Cottam (41:03, PB), Neil Gooding (41:19), Billy Harris (41:30), Chris Minto (41:44), James Atkinson (42:25), David Matthew (42:54), Brian McLaren (44:28), David McLachlan (45:56), Paul Pomfret (45:59), Phil Clarke (46:09), Julie Russell (46:58, PB), Dan Rowlands (47:25), Graham Park (47:43), Gary Read (48:17), Mike Watson (48:33), Peter Rowley (49:14 and third in his age category), Julie Whinn (49:44, PB, third in her age category and breaking the club record), Sandra Martin (51:04, PB and third in her age category), Caroline Litster (52:32, PB), Steve Major (52:34), Darren Alderson (52:48), Emma Colbourne (52:58), Ashleigh Atkinson (53:21), Mark Blewitt (53:52), Juliette McLaren (54:35), Hannah Alderson (55:05), Ian Hart (55:13), Jo Meynell (55:33), Helen Clarke (56:31), Lisa Alderson (57:05, PB), Kathryn Plant (57:15), Chris Land (57:53), Lisa Bowerbank (58:19), Emma Joyeux (58:43), Helen Whiting (58:48), David Ledgerwood (58:49), Mary MacIvor (58:52), Sally Singleton (58:56), John Whinn (59:02), Wendy Noble (1:00:13), Tina Corah (1:01:09), Hayley Wooding (1:01:53), Bex Stirland (1:02:01, PB), Kelly Smith (1:02:44), Sue New (1:03:02), Clare Dixon (1:06:20, PB), Rachel Maddison (1:09:20), Caroline Whan (1:11:57), Jacqueline Garbutt (1:16:23), Susan Alexander (1:17:09), Ruth Middleton (1:17:07) and Helen Cowan (1:17:10).

The rest of the weekend saw just four runners out on Easter Sunday. At the North Tyneside 10K, which took in a route along the coastline to Whitley Bay, Paul Dalton finished in 36:39 along with Josephine Wardle in 45:33 (and third in her age category).

Inland at the Helmsley 10K, on a multi terrain route along forestry tracks and footpaths, Sandra Cass completed the distance in 58:00 along with Janet Bowlby in 1:01:15.

Quakers took over the running of the parkrun at South Park, which saw the volunteer record for the event broken. Marc Ellis finished in 19:52 followed by Ian Bond (20:03), Thomas Gannaway (21:11), Adrian Colbourne (21:20), Louise Trainor (22:13), Daniel Orton (22:38), Fred Tennant (22:44), Dave Jones (22:58), Adrian Cottam (22:59), David Willis (23:31), David Todd (24:21), Stuart Masterman (24:41), Andrew Dixon (25:07), Ian Hart (25:32), Ed Griffiths (26:47), Julie Bell (26:57), Danny Gordon (27:07), Martin Mcgregor (28:15), Rebecca Bowes (28:33), Gavin Armstrong (28:50), Stephen Moore (29:56), Tracey Plaskitt (30:05), Chris Land (30:25), Tristen Coad (30:26), Lee Morris (31:49), Lucy Bendle (32:25), Paul Ryan (32:41), Judith Russell (34:26), Ruth Middleton (34:46), Helen Spaven (34:46), Katrina Cockburn (39:41), Naomi Dixon (40:20), Gemma Marshall-Moore (54:56), Olly Marshall-Moore (54:57), Linda Gossage (55:40) and Sharon Carr (55:41).

At Sedgefield, Dave Thompson finished in 27:09 along with Jeff Marriott (28:20), Richard Payne (28:26), Clare Mcgrath (34:59) and Claire Norman (41:56) while at Redcar, Mark Blewitt ran there in 28:33 followed by Hannah Alderson (31:58), Emily Beaumont (33:55), Helen Clark (34:13) and Karen Dove (36:51). At the inaugural Tyne Green run at Hexham, Anthony and April Corbett finished in 25:46 and 25:53 respectively, at Catterick, Phil Clarke ran there in 22:38 along with Abbie Hull in 25:24, while at the Cliffe Castle run, Phil Rutter and Gill Colling finished in 24:08 and 29:35 respectively.

Further afield, Peter Rowley ran at Penrith in 24:23, Stuart Hardcastle did the Wepre run in 24:41, Wendy Thompson ran at Stratford in 37:36, Tom Chapman and Sarah Wilson did the Keswick run in 21:50 and 30:03 respectively, David Stewart ran at Bushy Park in 34:02 and Sally Watson did the Eden Project run in 35:45.