Press Report w/e 13/10/2019

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Press Reports

While most Quakers headed just down the road, one runner took the black and white vest across the Atlantic.

David Aiken on one of the many steep descents in the Lake District

The biggest turnout was just down the road at Richmond for the latest league and championship race, which saw two Quakers finishing in the top ten. Marc Ellis completed the hilly 10K route in 38:39 (in sixth place overall and first in his age category) followed by Dave Jones (40:14 in tenth place overall and third in his age category), Michael Kipling (41:20), Corey Horn (43:29), Mike Brown (44:25), Brian Martin (44:35 and third in his age category), James Atkinson (45:32), Gary Read (50:14), Andrew Walsh (50:16), Simon Rek (50:39), Rob Gillham (50:51), Jonathan Eccles (52:11), Iain Clyde (52:34), Anna Harris (54:11), Angela Clement (54:51), Sandra Martin (55:16), Julie Whinn (55:20), Helen Clark (56:08), Ian Young (57:03), Rebecca Bowes (57:18), Karen Garfield (57:39), Julie Bell (1:01:14), Jo Meynell (1:02:06), Martin McGregor (1:04:26), Ian Scott (1:06:39), Wendy Noble (1:07:04), Bex Stirland (1:07:39), Carol Penney (1:08:03), Abigail Willson (1:08:54), Rachel Maddison (1:09:56), Caroline Litster (1:09:57) and Helen Spaven (1:17:50).

Several runners headed up to Kielder for the series of races being held there. In the marathon event, Tom Chapman finished the distance in 1:37:08 along with Claire Chapman (2:02:34), Grainne Duffy (2:08:53), Susan Rigg (2:43:12), Sally Watson (2:55:42), Dawn Raper (3:17:37) and Wendy Thompson (3:17:37). Meanwhile Gill Wallis completed the 10K route in 1:17:30.

The latest Hardmoors trail race took place over at Fryupdale. In the marathon distance, Emily Beaumont finished in 6:00:31, followed by Wendy Colling (6:07:01) and Mark Colling (7:40:38). Luke Minall completed the half marathon event in 3:36:21, while in the 10K Phil Rutter and Gill Colling ran in 1:01:31 and 1:23:29 respectively.

Over in the Lake District, David Aiken took part in the Lakes in a Day race, a 50 mile route from Cladbeck down to Cartmel, finishing the distance in 21 hours 17 minutes.

Three travelled over to Manchester for the half marathon race taking place there. Diane Vaughan completed the 13.1 miles in 1:43:14 along with Michael Oliver in 1:57:28 and Jamie Pratt in 2:06:42.

Four runners headed up to Beamish for the inaugural 10K trail race being held there. Anthony Corbett completed the off-road route in 55:47 along with Kathryn Plant (1:12:28), Lisa Jenkins (1:16:07) and Claire Mcgrath (1:19:00).

Flying the flag overseas was Dave Murphy who headed over to the USA for the Chicago marathon, completing the 26.2 miles around the windy city in 4:07:03.

The previous week had also seen Lou Trainor running in the Chester marathon, completing the race which finished at the racecourse ground in 3:40:23.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Michael Kipling finished at South Park in 18:33 followed by David Matthew (18:55), Dave Jones (19:03), Rob Dent (19:20), James Atkinson (21:01), Katherine Hackett (21:10), Ed Griffiths (21:20), Andrew Dixon (21:41), David Mclachlan (22:17), Ian Hart (24:30), Peter Rowley (24:40), John West (24:53), Rob Gillham (24:57), Lisa Bowerbank (26:27), Kirsty Smith Yates (27:11), Paul Taylor (27:13), Julie Bell (27:17), Carl Foxton (27:35), Rebecca Bowes (27:47), Elizabeth Kennedy (28:19), Hannah Alderson (28:38), Helen Clarke (28:44), Michelle Scruby (29:53), Michael King (30:13), Judith Russell (30:16), Bryan Dale (30:51), John Cooke (31:38), Ally Sanderson (31:55), Alison Billington (31:58), Angela Taylor (32:21), Bethany Symonds (32:47), Peter Cowan (33:50), Helen Cowan (35:23), Linda Gossage (39:31) and Naomi Dixon (40:47).

At Tees Barrage, Gareth Kyle finished in 21:32 along with Adrian Cottam (21:54), Lisa Reeve (28:46) and Rebecca Dodd (32:43), while at Sedgefield, Emily Beaumont ran there in 26:25 followed by April Corbett (27:22) and Sandra Cass (27:31). At Stewart Park, Louise Trainor and Anthony Corbett finished in 25:00 and 26:15 respectively, Janette Croft did the Catterick run in 30:05 and Anneli Mackenzie Brown finished at Hackworth in 29:53. Further afield, Rebecca Howard ran at Keswick in 30:20, David Ledgerwood did the Glasgow Springburn run in 25:23, Stuart Hardcastle finished at Wepre in 24:48 and David Stewart did the Bushy run in 30:59.