Press Report w/e 12/05/2019

by | May 14, 2019 | Press Reports

A packed week of running saw Quakers out all across the region with two championship races amongst the busy calendar.

Ian Young coming into the finish at a sunny Raby Castle

The biggest turnout was just down the road for the second of the week’s championship race, the Raby Castle 10K. Dave Jones completed the two lap route around the estate grounds in tenth place overall in 40:06 (and second in his age category) followed by Brian Martin (40:20 and first in his age category), James Atkinson (42:47), Adrian Cottam (43:46), Michael Thompson (44:36), Adrian Gooding (47:04), Rob Gillham (51:46), Julie Whinn (53:22 and third in her age category), Karen Garfield (54:07), Anna Harris (54:33), Ian Young (55:39), Rebecca Bowes (56:09), Gavin Armstrong (57:47), Lisa Bowerbank (1:01:00), Polly Lerner (1:01:56), Sally Singleton (1:03:28), Michael King (1:05:48), Ian Scott (1:08:02) and Tina Corah (1:09:20).

Midweek had seen the other championship race take place, the Pie and Peas 5 Mile at a wet and windy Locke Park in Redcar. Rob Dent completed the five one-mile laps of the park in seventh place overall in 31:32 along with Neil Gooding (32:39), Brian McLaren (35:39), Rob Gillham (37:21), Julie Whinn (40:35, PB and breaking her own club record for the distance), Juliette McLaren (42:15), Ian Scott (42:31), John Whinn (46:11) and Kelly Smith (50:11).

Two race were on offer up at Sunderland. In the half marathon event, Michael Oliver finished the 13.1 miles in 1:58:04 along with Jamie Pratt (2:07:10), Gemma Eddy (2:16:54), Chris Land (2:17:43), Lee Morris (2:31:49) and Tristen Coad (2:31:49). In the 10K race, Brian Mclaren finished in 44:05 followed by Dave Murphy (47:59, PB) and Juliette Mclaren (55:30).

Plenty of runners headed off road the weekend as well. The latest Hardmoors Trail series event took place over at the Wainstones. Emily Beaumont covered the marathon distance in 6:22:24, while in the half marathon, Luke Minall ran in 4:11:59 along with Jo Meynell in 4:34:10. In the 10K race, Phil Rutter went round in 1:33:41 followed by Gill Colling (2:06:21) and Lewis Boshier, Michelle Boshier & Sally Watson in 2:40:02.

Out on the hills, Annette Clarke and Dave Thompson took part in the Howgills Trail 26 mile route near Sedbergh in Cumbria and taking in 4,500 feet of climb; the former finishing second in her age category in 5:45:46 and the latter just behind in 5:51:42.

Two headed up to Newcastle racecourse for a pair of races being held there, covering laps of the inner track inside the course. Billy Harris completed the 50K distance in fifth place overall in 4:19:06 (and first in his age category) while Gillian Harris did the half marathon in 2:13:02 (and third in her age category).

The inaugural Durham trail 10 mile race was held on a route starting in the city itself and heading down along the Weardale Way. Chris Evans covered the route in 1:45:26 along with Nigel Eddy (1:50:22), Lisa Jenkins (2:10:47), Susan Rigg (2:26:44) and Fiona Dixon (2:30:48).

Also covering a ten mile trail route were the five who headed down to Ripon for the race being held there. On a route which took in part of the Fountains Abbey estate, Wendy Colling came home in 1:29:46 followed by Jamie Norman (1:36:28), Janet Bowlby (1:49:00) and Claire Norman (1:52:09).

Flying the flag overseas was Lloyd Ashby who did the half marathon in Geneva, Switzerland in a new personal best of 1:47:44.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Rob Dent finished at South Park in 19:19 followed by David Matthew (19:36), Neil Gooding (19:45), Corey Horn (20:04), Dawn Richardson (20:30), Louise Trainor (22:00), David Mclachlan (22:09), Adrian Cottam (22:26), Rebecca Howard (22:31), David Todd (22:47), Patrick Robson (22:57), Adrian Colbourne (24:06), Peter Rowley (24:10), Stuart Masterman (24:15), Gary Read (26:15), Gavin Armstrong (26:16), Rebecca Bowes (26:19), Elizabeth Kennedy (26:27), Martin Mcgregor (28:35), Shane Lester (28:36), Lisa Bowerbank (29:14), Philip Hughes (29:23), Michael King (29:41), Jo Meynell (29:52), Angela Taylor (30:20), Hannah Alderson (30:21), Phil Thornberry (30:35), Neil Southern (31:11), Phil Clarke (31:59), Julie Bourne (31:59), Livvi Miskimmin (32:03), Anneli Mackenzie Brown (32:18), Adele Brown (32:26), Karen Thornberry (32:39), Christopher Parsons (33:10), Kirsty Smith Yates (33:11), Hannah Stace (33:11), Darren Watson (33:12), John Cooke (33:13), Wendy Noble (33:13), Charlie Johnson (33:18), Fiona Dixon (33:27), Chris Land (34:23), Rachel Grayson (34:35), Tammy Firth (34:45), Deborah Miller (34:55), Stephen Moore (34:55), Rachel Maddison (36:13), Mike Watson (36:27), Ian Hart (36:51), Lisa Johnstone (36:53), Lisa Hopper (37:42), Linda Gossage (39:14) and Roy Macdougall (41:37).

At Sedgefield, Paul Dalton finished in 20:00 along with Stuart Hardcastle (22:39), Dave Thompson (23:55), April Corbett (25:18), Richard Payne (30:06), Sally Watson (39:12) and Claire Norman (41:39). At Fountains Abbey, Thomas and Ginny Gannaway ran there in 25:09 and 25:19 respectively, Emily Beaumont did the Tees Barrage run in 27:27, Andy Walker ran at Sleaford Beach in 43:44, Gareth Kyle and Anthony Corbett did the Stewart Park run in 22:37 and 25:19 respectively, while David Stewart did the Bushy run in 33:28.