Press Report w/e 10/06/2018

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Press Reports

More points were on offer for Quakers over the last week, which also saw five club records being set as well.

Lisa Reeve coming into the finish at Marske

The latest championship race, the famous Blaydon Race took place on Saturday afternoon. Paul Dalton completed the 5.6 miles along the Scotswood Road in 35:01 followed by Brian Mclaren (39:14), Adrian Colbourne (39:21), Diane Vaughan (40:11), Rob Gillham (40:22), Michael Oliver (43:26), Dave Murphy (43:34), Jamie Pratt (45:31), Julie Russell (45:33), James Simpson (46:21), Jo Dickinson (46:35), Andrew Walker (48:16), Robert Kirby (48:41), Juliette McLaren (49:44), Richard Hughes (50:20), Kathryn Plant (51:32), Pamela Barrass (51:51), Paul Ryan (52:48), Neal Harper (53:37), Lena Rusa (55:59), Joanne Dewar (58:12), Andy Whitttam (58:22), Clare Mcgrath (1:00:40), Susan Rigg (1:00:50) and Helen Jervis (1:10:48).

Several runners headed over to Marske for the Everyone Active 10K, taking place along the coast road. Michael Joyeux came home in third place overall in 33:15 followed by Brian Martin (39:16 and first in his age category), Gary Read (48:26), Julie Whinn (52:31), David Ledgerwood (53:10), Sandra Martin (53:25), Darren Alderson (54:46), Sarah Wilson (56:09), Lisa Reeve (56:44), Kelly Smith (58:43), Michelle Scruby (59:06), John Whinn (59:51), Sally Singleton (1:00:03), Helen Clarke (1:00:53), Lisa Alderson (1:04:30, PB) and Rachel Maddison (1:09:35).

The week had started with the latest North East Masters track and field event at Monkton. Lindsey Lester set club records in all three events she entered, clocking 14.6s in the 100m (PB), 31.6s in the 200m (PB) and landing 3.2m in the long jump. Her fellow captain Paul Roberts ran 14.5s for the 100m, while breaking the club record for the 200m in 29.9s (PB).

The other event to see a club record set was also midweek at the Dalton Park 5 mile race up at Seaham, where Diane Vaughan lowered her own record by finishing in 35:52. She was followed in by Paul Hutchinson (44:18), Richard Hughes (44:49) and Wendy Thompson (59:08).

There was plenty of long distance action taking place over the weekend in a variety of locations. The latest Hardmoors trail series took place over at the White Horse. Anna Hardya completed the marathon distance in 6:20:47, Jo Dickinson and Karen Dove completed the half marathon in 3:36:14 and 4:19:10 respectively, while in the 10K, Luke Minall finished in 1:05:03 along with Andrew Jordan (1:24:30) and Nicky Jordan (1:36:30).

Annette Clarke and Charlie Bogg were down in Otley for the Welcome Ultra, a 39 mile route taking in 1300m of climb. The pair finished together in 8 hours 56 minutes, a result which saw Charlie come third in his age category, and Annette, not only first in hers, but the second female finisher overall.

Meanwhile Dave Thompson was down in North Yorkshire for the Settle Saunter, completing the 23 mile route over the hills in 5 hours 7 minutes.

Up in Scotland, Sandra Cass, April Corbett and Anthony Corbett all took part in the Comrie Marathon held around the Perthshire countryside. The trio all completed the fairly hilly route together in 5 hours 10 minutes.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Marc Ellis finished at South Park in 18:08 followed by Rob Dent (19:15), Neil Gooding (19:36), Dan Rowlands (20:54), Andrew Vernon (21:07), Steven Snook (21:23), Fred Tennant (21:44), Ed Griffiths (22:20), Ian Hart (22:47), David Whittle (23:04), Mike Brown (23:40), Stephen Moore (25:02), Mike Watson (25:12), Danny Gordon (25:51), Hannah Alderson (26:57), Janette Croft (27:21), Chris Land (27:46), Nikki Thompson (28:03), Kelly Smith (28:29), Michael King (29:55), Lucy Bendle (31:09), Helen Spaven (32:55), Lee Morris (33:15), Sarah Watson (33:43), Gemma Marshall (33:45), Rachel Maddison (33:46), Gary Read (33:47), David Stewart (34:10), Rachel Grayson (34:59), Wendy Thompson (35:29), Naomi Dixon (36:14), Ruth Middleton (38:13), Miranda Kirby (38:23) and Paul Ryan (38:33).

At Sedgefield, Phil Rutter ran there in 22:24 along with Dave Thompson (22:37), Caroline Ridley-Marriott (26:47), Mark Colling (27:31), Wendy Colling (27:32), Ty Hankinson (27:33), Gill Colling (28:56), Terri Hankinson (32:10) and Gill Wallis (34:23), James Simpson did the Hartlepool run in 23:49, while at Stewart Park, Gareth Kyle and Mark Trowles finished in 20:53 and 26:19 respectively. Stuart Hardcastle did the Northwich run in 24:09 while Helen Whiting ran at Belton House near Grantham in 37:56. North of the border, Barbra Barker did the Livingston run in 27:02, while at Perth, Sandra Cass finished in 27:34 along with April Corbett (27:35) and Anthony Corbett (28:25).