Press Report w/e 07/10/2018

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Press Reports

The autumn marathon season started in earnest, with Quakers running in three different venues, including one overseas.

Olly Marshall-Moore clearly caught up in the celebrations of international parkrun day!

At Chester, where all three runners set new personal bests, Brian Martin, wearing the England vest, finished in 26.2 miles in 2:57:58, to not only set a new club record, but also finish second in his age category, first in the England age group team, second in the British Masters team, as well as claiming the third fastest time for his age group in the country this year. Ty Hankinson covered the 26.2 miles in 3:31:48 along with Sandra Martin in 4:19:41.

Across the Atlantic, Diane Vaughan and Richard Hughes took part in the Chicago marathon, one of the six world marathon majors, the pair finishing in 3:55:14 and 4:56:09 respectively.

Three distances were on offer over at Kielder. In the marathon, Darren Wright completed the route around the reservoir in 3:41:55 along with Fred Tennant (3:56:28), Jamie Norman (5:08:31) and Gemma Eddy (6:04:42). In the half marathon, Tom Chapman ran 1:43:50 with Claire Chapman in 2:02:07 and Susan Rigg in 2:45:52. The 10K race, held the previous day, saw Kelly Smith finish in 1:02:40 along with Sue Alexander (1:18:45), Sally Watson (1:20:35) and Wendy Thompson (1:21:41).

Down in Wales, Paul Dalton took part in the Cardiff half marathon, finishing the country’s second biggest race over the distance in 1:25:51.

Two fairly short Hardmoors events took place simultaneously near Danby in the North York Moors. In the Turnpike Trot 10K, Harriet Keighley finished the trail route in 1:06:15 along with Karen Dove (1:29:47) and Fiona Dixon (1:29:58), while in the Rabbit Run 5K, Michelle Boshier came home in 33:15 followed by Claire Hewitt (44:22) and Sally Watson (44:28).

At Dalby Forest were two races held in aid of Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team. In the half marathon, Katherine Hackett finished the trail route in 2:02:36 along with Wendy Colling (2:31:34) and Sandra Cass (2:32:34), while Lisa Jenkins completed the 10K race in 1:13:51.

Up in Scotland, Kathryn Plant took part in the inaugural Laich O’Moray event, finishing the 50 mile route to east of Inverness in 17 hours 9 minutes.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:13 followed by Rob Dent (19:00), Corey Horn (19:17), Michael Kipling (19:19), David Matthew (19:28), Andrew Vernon (19:30), Neil Gooding (19:46), Steven Major (20:11), Dale Chapman (20:16), Darren Whiting (21:00), Adrian Cottam (21:31), Rebecca Howard (21:45), Phil Rutter (21:47), Ed Griffiths (22:24), Mike Watson (23:06), Paul Pomfret (23:26), Dan Rowlands (23:47), Peter Rowley (24:07), Julie Russell (24:21), Shaune Eland (24:25), Ashleigh Atkinson (25:10), Danny Gordon (25:17), Stuart Masterman (25:23), Gavin Armstrong (25:27), Darren Alderson (25:40), Jamie Pratt (25:46), Paul Reid (26:18), Elizabeth Kennedy (26:22), Nikki Thompson (26:30), Julie Bell (26:42), Gill Colling (27:03), Andy Whittam (27:29), Gary Read (27:35), Hannah Alderson (27:35), Chris Land (27:47), Mark Blewitt (27:50), Lewis Boshier (28:00), Lisa Alderson (28:00), Michelle Boshier (28:00), John Mcgrath (28:02), Michael King (28:16), Diane Lockhart (28:18), Jo Meynell (28:19), Helen Spaven (28:25), Helen Clarke (28:35), Caroline Brown (29:17), Michelle Scruby (29:53), Olly Marshall-Moore (29:56), Gillian Cowton (30:42), Sally Singleton (31:01), Wendy Noble (31:28), Philippa Rayner (31:39), Paul Ryan (32:07), Emma Joyeux (32:08), Phill Johnston (32:16), Barbra Barker (33:41), Clare Mcgrath (33:49), Sarah Watson (34:16), Rachel Maddison (34:23), Gary Birchall (34:54), Rachel Grayson (35:02), Lucy Bendle (35:25), Lee Morris (36:26) and Dawn Johnston (37:12).

At Sedgefield, Adrian Colbourne finished in 22:05 along with Dave Thompson (23:29), Mark Colling (24:17), Wendy Colling (24:57) and Gill Wallis (33:56) while at Stewart Park, Marc Ellis ran 18:13 followed by Stephen Moore (24:13), Christopher Parsons (27:43), Fiona Dixon (31:30), Naomi Dixon (36:29) and Leigh Hindle (37:08). At Albert Park, Steve Howell finished in 22:03, Rebecca Dodd ran at Prudhoe in 30:31, Lucia Minto did the Tees Barrage run in 26:41 and Nicola Wells completed the Flatts Lane run in 25:24. Further afield, Paul Dalton was the first finisher at Maesteg in 18:47, Ty Hankinson ran at Chester in 25:37, while Stuart Hardcastle did the Wepre run in 24:46.