Press Report w/e 01/07/2018

by | Jul 3, 2018 | Press Reports

A fairly quiet week saw nearly all Quakers staying local, with most heading out in search of more points.

Rob Dent heading round the trails of West Park

The latest championship race took place just down the road at Middlesbrough, the Ali Brownlee Riverside 5K, which finished inside the football stadium itself. Marc Ellis completed the route in 18:03 followed by Brian Martin (19:04 and first in his age category), Steven Major (20:41), Diane Vaughan (21:37), Steven Snook (21:45), Rob Gillham (23:04), Stephen Ash (24:36), Stephen Moore (24:43), Sandra Martin (25:33), Juliette Mclaren (26:13), Darren Alderson (26:13), Lewis Boshier (26:42), Michelle Boshier (26:48), Jessica Campbell (27:25), Michelle Scruby (27:34), David Ledgerwood (27:51), Richard Hughes (28:41), Alec Cinamon (30:00), Susan Rigg (30:33), Caroline Litster (30:36), Nichola Jordan (30:38), Charlie Johnson (32:24), Phill Johnston (33:43), Dawn Johnston (33:51), Wendy Thompson (35:31), Claire Hewitt (36:16), Sally Watson (36:17), Lisa Johnstone (36:38) and Naomi Dixon (36:59).

Midweek had seen the fourth race of the Darlington 5K Trail Series held at West Park. Rob Dent finished the four-lap route around the park in third place overall in 19:24, followed by Dawn Richardson (20:13, in fifth place overall and the first female finisher), Julie Russell (24:01), Steve Howell (24:13), Lewis Boshier (26:06), Luke Minall (26:16), Nikki Thompson (26:59), Michelle Boshier (27:45), Barbra Baker (27:58), Alec Cinamon (31:20) and Tracey Plaskitt (31:44).

The fifth meet of the NYSD Track and Field took place down at Eastbourne, which saw another four club records being set. In the 3000m, Dave Jones finished in 10:43, just ahead of Rob Dent in 10.50, with Luke Minall in 11:44. Over the shorter distances, Dave Jones and Lindsey Lester did the 400m in 1:05.8 (CR) and 1:14.7 respectively, while in the 200m Rebecca Dodd clocked 35.9s (CR). On the field, Rebecca Dodd threw 18.20m in the javelin (CR) along with Paul Roberts (17.42m), Nicola Arkley (13.58m, CR) and Rob Dent (10.66m).

Also taking place at the weekend was the Run for Ryan fun run, a 5 mile off-road distance held around Gainford, which saw several Quakers in attendance, including Andrew Vernon who won the race.

The previous week had seen a few Quakers taking part in the first of the Hospice 5K Fun Runs, this one held at South Park, raising money for our chosen charity this year, St Teresa’s Hospice.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:28 followed by Rob Dent (19:05), Corey Horn (20:03), Andrew Vernon (20:04), Dawn Richardson (20:11), Dale Chapman (21:05), Tom Chapman (21:36), Ed Griffiths (21:40), Patrick Robson (23:03), Rob Gillham (23:35), David Todd (24:04), Adrian Cottam (24:57), Claire Chapman (25:17), Adrian Colbourne (25:28), Jamie Pratt (25:48), Nikki Thompson (25:56), Danny Gordon (26:22), Darren Alderson (27:08), Julie Bell (27:22), Stuart Masterman (27:44), Mark Trowles (28:03), Ginny Gannaway (28:10), Sandra Martin (28:46), Michelle Scruby (28:51), Mark Robinson (28:51), Sarah Watson (28:58), Clare Mcgrath (29:36), Wendy Noble (29:49), Rebecca Bowes (29:57), Paul Reid (30:00), Susan Clark (30:11), Margaret Hunter (31:12), Michael King (31:15), Anna Hardy (31:41), Jo Dickinson (31:53), Lucy Bendle (32:27), Helen Spaven (33:28), Dawn Johnston (34:00), Phill Johnston (34:01), Gary Birchall (34:01), Lisa Alderson (34:09), Victoria Holmes (34:10), Peter Cowan (34:42), Linda Grant (34:43), Anthony Rochester (34:48), Eleasha Duncan (34:49), Karen Dove (35:20), Fiona Dixon (35:28), Miranda Kirby (35:54), Jennifer Foster (35:55), John Mcgrath (35:58), Naomi Dixon (36:24), Helen Cowan (36:55), Julie Russell (36:56), Ian Hart (36:56), Terrianne Hauxwell (37:11), David Ledgerwood (37:11), Louise Monger (37:18), Stephen Moore (37:20), Judith Sykes (37:38), Michaela Bourke (37:44), Karen Bateman (37:47), Lee Morris (37:47), Sarah Bayles (37:48), Diane Lockhart (37:49), Lucia Minto (37:50), Tasha Tindle (39:28), Emma Joyeux (39:29), Roy Macdougall (39:29), Lena Rusa (39:39) and Andy Walker (45:49).

At Sedgefield, Paul Dalton finished in 18:33 along with Dave Thompson (23:20), Rebecca Dodd (30:15) and Gill Wallis (34:37). Peter Rowley did the Newby Bridge run in 26:38m while at Leeds, Phil Rutter ran at Roundhay Park in 23:54 followed by Wendy Colling (28:15), Sandra Cass (28:19) and Gill Colling (31:01).