Press Report w/e 21/05/2017

by | May 23, 2017 | Press Reports

Another busy week saw the latest club championship race, several more club records being set and the sight of a Quaker coming home in first place.

Michael Oliver coming into the finish of the race at Raby Castle

Four runners headed over to the Lake District for the Windermere Marathon, with some covering the distance for the very first time. Darren Wright completed the undulating course around the lake itself in 3:25:05 along with Tom Chapman (4:04:37), Abigail Willson (4:33:42) and Janet Bowlby (5:21:05).

Over in Chester, Steven Johnston took part in the half marathon race being held there, finishing the 13.1 mile distance in 2:13:35.

The largest turnout of the week was just down the road at the Raby Castle 10K, which saw three Quakers finishing in the top ten. Michael Joyeux won the race, crossing the line first in 34:32, with Kyle Cook in fifth place in 36:37 and Dave Jones in tenth place in 39:00. Next to finish the two lap course around the estate grounds were Louise Trainor (42:41 and first in her age category), Katherine Hackett (42:45 and also first in her age category), David Todd (42:52), Adrian Gooding (45:50), Rob Gillham (47:26), Michael Oliver (47:56), Andrew Walker (48:43), Keith Harker (49:45), Stephen Moore (49:53), Fred Tennant (51:12), Simon Moore (53:31), David Ledgerwood (53:36), Danny Gordon (53:55 and second in his age category), Rebecca Bowes (54:21), Nigel Eddy (55:07), Julie Whinn (55:15), Ian Young (56:34), Mark Trowles (57:09), Neal Harper (58:00), Tracey Plaskitt (58:38), Pamela Barrass (59:25), Gemma Hammond (59:40), Andy Whittam (1:00:03), Matt Jackson (1:00:14), Barbra Barker (1:06:13), Fiona Dixon (1:06:38), Jo Dickinson (1:07:11), Charlie Johnson (1:07:30),  Hannah Robinson (1:07:33), Emily Beaumont (1:07:34), Sarah Bayles (1:07:37), Lucy Bendle (1:07:56), Sally Watson (1:11:16), Claire Hewitt (1:11:17), Caroline Ridley-Marriot (1:17:56) and Jeff Marriott (1:17:56). Meanwhile in the 5K race, Lewis Boshier and Michelle Boshier went round together, finishing in 28:02.

The third of the NYSD track meets was held early in the week down at Eastbourne, which saw another seven club records being set on the night. In the 200m, Kyle Cook ran 28.1s along with Paul Roberts (30.8s, CR), Michael Joyeux (31.3s), Chris Minto (31.4s) and David Ledgerwood (38.1s, CR). In the 800m, Kyle Cook finished in 2.17 (breaking the club record), with Paul Pomfret in 2.46, David Ledgerwood in 3.24 and Michelle Scruby in 3.37 (CR). In the mile event, Michael Joyeux finished in 4.47 followed by Kyle Cook in 5.16, Rob Dent in 5.37 (breaking the club record) and Lou Trainer in 5.58 (CR). Out on the field, Paul Roberts cleared 1.20m in the high jump, while in the discus, he threw 16.06m, with Rob Dent landing 9.81m.

Friday evening had seen Diane Vaughan and Richard Hughes heading up to South Shields for the Temple Park 5K, finishing in 22:48 and 24:56 respectively.

In Lancashire, Peter Rowley ran in the bizarrely titled Crazy Cow 10K in Preston, completing the route held along the river Ribble in 50:25.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Rob Dent finished at South Park in 19:22 followed by James Atkinson (19:23), Dave Jones (20:03), Michael Ladyman (20:18), David Todd (20:34), Gary Read (20:48), Dan Rowlands (21:12), Daniel Orton (21:22), Paul Pomfret (21:40), Fred Tennant (23:16), Paul Roberts (23:26), Rebecca Howard (23:37), Mark Trowles (24:44), Barbra Barker (24:55), Adrian Cottam (24:55), Rob Gillham (24:56), Gareth Kyle (24:56), Shaune Eland (25:00), Stuart Masterman (25:21), Juliette Mclaren (25:57), Julie Bell (26:25), Gavin Armstrong (27:06), Lee Morris (28:14), Michelle Scruby (28:25), Jo Dickinson (29:35), Fiona Dixon (30:43), Paul Ryan (31:48), Gemma Marshall (32:03), Olly Moore (32:04), Grainne Duffy (32:12), Ian Hamond (32:13), Tom Chapman (32:25), Lucy Bendle (33:21), Dawn Johnston (33:42), Michael King (34:12) and Rachel Ryan (40:06).

At Sedgefield, Dave Thompson finished in 23:44 along with Sarah Wilson (27:45), Mark Blewitt (28:57), Caroline Ridley-Marriott (37:10) and Jeff Marriott (37:11), while at Northallerton, Andrew Vernon and Sarah Watson ran there in 22:19 and 27:17 respectively. At Hackworth, Luke Minall finished in 20:51 followed by Michelle Dale (32:25) and Lisa Jenkins (32:26), while at Albert Park, Phil Rutter finished in 21:00 along with Stephen Moore (23:23) and Gill Colling (27:16). Chris Minto did the run at Hartlepool in 20:05, Adrian Colbourne ran at Redcar in 21:03, Anna Hardy completed the run at Stewart Park in 31:32, David Ledgerwood finished at South Shields in 25:38, while Darryn Wood ran at Wetherby in 44:22.

Further afield at Dalby Forest, Anthony Corbett finished in 26:51 along with Sandra Cass (26:51), Wendy Colling (26:52), April Corbett (26:52) and Mark Colling (27:54), while at the Fell Foot run at Newby Bridge, Marc Ellis did the run in 18:29 with Peter Rowley in 24:44 and Sharon Carr in 34:36.