Press Report w/e 20/08/2017

by | Aug 22, 2017 | Press Reports

While Quakers were busy chasing points at the weekend, some were making a few appearances across the Atlantic.

Phil Clarke coming into the finish of the race at Scorton

The latest 10K league race, the Ray Harrison, took place just down the road at Billingham. Dave Jones was first home for the club, finishing in seventh place overall in 37:55 (and first in his age category). He was followed in by David Todd (41:29), Dawn Richardson (41:59 and the second female finisher), Michael Kipling (42:03), Gareth Kyle (42:40, PB), Ed Griffiths (43:35), Steven Major (43:53), Brian McLaren (44:23), Adrian Gooding (45:01), Fred Tennant (45:10), Dave Thompson (45:28 and second in his age category), Stephen Moore (48:45), Gavin Armstrong (50:56), Mark Trowles (53:00), Steven Johnston (53:47), Juliette McLaren (54:12), Sarah Wilson (54:51), Michael Johnston (54:53), James Simpson (55:19), Lisa Jenkins (1:00:47) and Alan Prest (1:08:26).

The latest championship race was also taking place at the weekend, the Scorton Feast 10K, near Catterick. On a multi-terrain route around Scorton Lakes, Marc Ellis finished in fifth place overall in 40:19 (and first in his age category), with Louise Trainor coming home as first female overall in 43:25. Also running the race were Billy Harris (46:39), Rob Gilham (48:55), Paul Roberts (49:02), Peter Rowley (51:55), Bridget Stewart (52:14), Phil Clarke (53:16), David Ledgerwood (54:35), Danny Gordon (58:13) and Gill Colling (59:39).

For those who didn’t fancy chasing points at the weekend, there was the Branches and Bays 10K, which started in the village of Hawthorn, and took in a route through the woods and along the beach. Katherine Hackett finished the off-road route in 58:54 along with Ty Hankinson (1:00:51), Anthony Corbett (1:04:38), April Corbett (1:07:40), Michelle Boshier (1:07:41), Anna Hardy (1:07:42), Wendy Colling (1:08:32), Sandra Cass (1:08:56), Mark Colling (1:15:56) and Joanne Dewar (1:19:08 and finishing first in her age category).

Five headed over to the Lancashire coast for the Fleetwood half marathon. Brian Martin completed the 13.1 mile route in 1:23:40 (PB, as well as finishing first in his age category and breaking his own club record for the distance), with Graham Park in 1:50:08, Jamie Pratt in 1:53:20, Michael Oliver in 1:54:57 and Sandra Martin in 2:02:47.

Midweek had seen the latest fell race, the Gribdale Gallop, taking place. On a 7.2 mile route, which took in over 1900 feet of climb, including Roseberry Topping, Ian Bond finished in 48:28 along with Nicola Wells (51:31), Malcolm Hewitson (1:00:08), Richard Payne (1:03:39), Sarah Watson (1:04:01), Michelle Boshier (1:30:46) and Karen Dove (1:32:40).

A special mention goes to Christian Brown, who represented Great Britain at the ITU Sprint Duathlon World Championships in Penticton, Canada, finishing sixth in his age category.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:21 followed by James Atkinson (19:06), Ian Readman (19:44), Adrian Cottam (20:26), Fred Tennant (20:50), Ty Hankinson (22:53), David Ptak (23:03), Gavin Armstrong (23:13), Darren Whiting (23:41), Steven Major (24:43), Ed Griffiths (24:51), Hayden Thompson (25:08), Rebecca Bowes (26:09), Stuart Burkin (27:08), Neal Harper (27:11), Ian Bond (27:13), Julie Bell (27:23), Lee Morris (28:27), Brian Dixon (28:29), Darren Alderson (28:35), Nicola Wells (29:06), Michelle Scruby (29:09), Sally Singleton (29:40), Gillian Harris (30:34), Janette Croft (30:57), Jo Dickinson (31:04), Phill Johnston (31:28), Stacey Thompson (31:29), Mark Trowles (31:37), Dawn Johnston (32:21), Gareth Kyle (32:43), Helen Booker (33:11), Michael King (33:15), Lisa Alderson (34:30), Terri Hankinson (34:45), Gary Read (36:38), Rob Gillham (37:01), Gail Payne (43:13) and Richard Payne (43:14).

At Sedgefield, Adrian Colbourne finished in 20:58 along with Dave Thompson (23:53), Wendy Colling (26:34), Jeff Marriott (27:57) and Mark Blewitt (28:39) while at Fountains Abbey, Anthony Corbett finished in 27:20 followed by Abbie Hull (27:20), April Corbett (27:23), Sandra Cass (27:35), Gemma Marshall (31:21) and Olly Moore (31:22). Alex Kiel completed the run at Northallerton in 17:50, Stephen Moore ran at Albert Park in 24:27, Phil Clarke finished at Catterick in 24:30, while Nicola Anderson did the Durham run in 28:51. Further afield, David Ledgerwood did the Rising Sun run in 26:14, Michael Ladyman ran at Knowsley in 20:44, Darryn Wood completed the Brighouse run in 42:13, Sally Watson finished at Shrewsbury in 37:58 while Peter Rowley did the Fell Foot run at Newby Bridge in 25:47.

The black and white colours made two appearances in the USA, though not simultaneously given the time difference! At the Clermont Waterfront run near Orlando, Mike and Caroline Brown took time out from their honeymoon to run there in 21:47 and 28:19 respectively, while a few hours later, Paul and Rachel Ryan did the run at Crissy Field, San Francisco in 31:26 and 41:05 respectively.