Press Report w/e 18/06/2017

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Press Reports

The past seven days saw Quakers claiming prizes, breaking club records, and for some chasing a train!

Adrian Colbourne on his way round the very hot 10K at Aycliffe

There was a big turnout of black and white vests just up the road at Aycliffe for the latest 10K league race.  In some very hot conditions, Alex Kiel narrowly hung on for the win, crossing the line first in 34:49. He was followed in by Dave Jones (39:17), Brian Martin (39:27 and first in his age category), Darren Wright (40:42, PB), David Todd (42:07), Ian Readman (42:39), Luke Minall (42:41, PB), Katherine Hackett (43:36 and second in her age category), Adrian Colbourne (44:00), Louise Trainor (44:26 and third in her age category), Gareth Kyle (45:12), Brian McLaren (45:58), Adrian Cottam (46:32), Dale Chapman (46:44), Samuel Joblin (46:45), Fred Tennant (46:47), Jamie Pratt (51:54), Graham Park (52:12), Peter Rowley (52:43), Gavin Armstrong (52:52), Simon Moore (53:49), Mark Trowles (54:34), Julie Whinn (56:24), Juliette McLaren (56:37), Stephen Johnston (57:02), Mark Blewitt (57:05), Sandra Martin (57:14), Tracey Plaskitt (57:52), James Simpson (1:00:20), Gemma Hammond (1:01:02), Wendy Noble (1:01:44), Chris Parsons (1:02:08), Jo Dickinson (1:02:15), Darren Alderson (1:02:16), Lisa Jenkins (1:03:28), Darryn Wood (1:03:28), Caroline Litster (1:03:41), Lucy Bendle (1:06:29), Michelle Scruby (1:06:31), Alison Hardwick (1:07:09), Lee Morris (1:07:37), Phill Johnston (1:08:30), Dawn Johnston (1:09:20), Charlotte Johnson (1:10:07), Alan Prest (1:11:39), Nicola Arkley (1:14:02), Fiona Dixon (1:15:03), Lisa Johnstone (1:15:03) and Lisa Alderson (1:15:04).

The previous day had seen the first running of the Chase the Train Race, an 8.4 mile out and back trail route from Grosmont to Goathland, where runners had to try and get back to Grosmont before the train did. On another hot day, which reduced one of our runners (thankfully male!) to running the course topless, Michael Thompson beat the train, finishing in 1:11:02, as did Katherine Hackett (1:11:40 and third in her age category), Louise Trainor (1:15:43 and third in her age category) and Steven Major (1:15:51). Michael Oliver just missed out in 1:23:43, with Anna Hardy (1:39:50), Jamie Pratt (1:40:05), Gemma Hammond (1:44:42), Paul Ryan (1:47:35), Rebecca Howard (1:48:38), Michelle Boshier (2:03:36) and Sally Watson (2:03:34).

At the Pieces of Eight half marathon at Penshaw, which saw runners heading uphill to the famous monument and then back down again, Anna Hardy and Michelle Boshier completed the trail route together, finishing in 2:48.

Down in Hull, Diane Vaughan and Richard Hughes took part in the 10K race there, finishing the distance in 46:48 and 54:16 respectively, with Diane also finishing third in her age category as well.

The start of the week had seen the latest NYSD Track and Filed event at Middlesbrough where no fewer than eleven club records were set on the night. In the 100m, Dan Rowlands claimed a new club record by finishing in 13.1s, with Paul Roberts in 14.3s (breaking his own record) and Lindsey Lester (14.7s, PB and breaking her own record). In the 400m, Dan Rowlands broke the existing record by a mere three-tenths of a second, clocking 61.0s, with Fred Tennant (67.5s, CR) and Lindsey Lester (73.5s). In the 3000m, Louise Trainor lowered her own record by finishing in 11.42, with Fred Tennant also setting a new record in 11:58. Out on the field, Dan Rowlands took his third record of the night in the long jump, landing 5.26m, with Paul Roberts (3.88) and Nicola Arkley (2.38m). In the shot, Paul Roberts threw 6.77m, with Lindsey Lester (6.10 to break her own record) and Nicola Arkley (6.02 to set a new club record). In the hammer, Nicola Arkley set her second record of the night, throwing 13.14m

The previous week had seen the latest of the Hardmoors Trail series, this time over at the Wainstones. Rebecca Bowes completed the marathon distance in 6:14:40, while in the half marathon, Andrew Vernon and Sarah Watson finished in 2:30:58 and 2:51:26 respectively. In the 10K event, Abbie Willson came home in 2:04:36 along with Emily Beaumont (2:19:26) and Karen Dove (2:50:15).

A week earlier had also seen the Swaledale Marathon, where Billy Harris completed the off-road route in 4:16 followed by Malcolm Hewitson (5:24), April Corbett & Anthony Corbett (5:28), Jamie Norman & Claire Norman (5:49) and Abbie Hull (6:41).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Marc Ellis finished at South Park in 18:46 followed by James Atkinson (19:14), Michael Joyeux (19:23), Chris Minto (19:24), Gary Read (20:52), Michael Ladyman (21:41), Fred Tennant (22:59), Gareth Kyle (23:08), David Ptak (23:54), Dan Rowlands (23:56), Peter Rowley (24:03), Stuart Masterman (25:06), Julie Bell (27:17), Dale Chapman (28:27), Brian Dixon (28:42), Paul Hutchinson (30:15), Janette Croft (31:26), Lucy Bendle (32:56), Michael King (36:10), Helen Booker (38:03), Sarah Foster (38:04), Mark Trowles (38:58) and Rachel Ryan (41:15).

There was a large turnout at Catterick for the inaugural parkrun taking place at the racecourse ground. Alex Kiel finished in 17:06 along with Dave Jones (18:25), Adrian Cottam (20:50), Andrew Vernon (21:12), Adrian Colbourne (21:17), Phil Rutter (23:23), Rebecca Bowes (26:21), April Corbett (26:54), Anthony Corbett (27:36), Wendy Colling (27:38), Julie Whinn (27:44), Sarah Watson (27:45), John Whinn (29:36), Abbie Hull (29:45), Gill Colling (30:21) and Mark Colling, Roy Macdougall, Michelle Dale, Lisa Jenkins, Dawn Johnston, Gemma Marshall, Olly Moore and Phill Johnston.

At Albert Park, Stephen Moore finished in 24:18, Helen Whiting ran at Stewart Park in 28:58, while at Sedgefield, Dave Thompson and Jeff Marriott completed the run there in 23:58 and 27:50 respectively. At Tees Barrage, Emily Beaumont finished in 36:08, while Ty Hankinson did the run at Hackworth in 23:25. Further afield, Tom Chapman ran at Keswick in 23:21 and Darryn Wood completed the run at Goole in 37:22. North of the border, David Ledgerwood did the Glasgow Victoria Park run in 24:21, while on the outskirts of Edinburgh Diane Lockhart ran at the Vogrie Park run in 29:30.