Press Report w/e 15/10/2017

by | Oct 19, 2017 | Press Reports

For most Quakers last weekend, it was a case of either running abroad or taking part in the first cross country event of the season.

Lucia Minto on her way round the cross country at Acklam

This year’s club trip headed to Reims in northern France, where runners had a choice of three races to pick from. In the marathon event, David Todd completed the 26.2 miles around the vineyards in 3:29:13, while April Corbett, Sandra Cass and Mark Colling all went round together in 4:46:17. The majority of runners went for the half marathon option which saw Marc Ellis finish in 1:23:21 followed by Brian Martin (1:28:05 and first in his age category), Katherine Hackett (1:31:02 and third in her age category), Louise Trainor (1:31:16, PB), Rob Dent (1:37:43), David Whittle (1:47:24), Billy Harris (1:48:16), Anna Hardy (1:51:24, PB), Jeff Marriott (1:52:24), Ty Hankinson (1:59:59), David Ledgerwood (2:02:54), Sandra Martin (2:04:31), Kevin Simpson (2:33:08) and Gillian Harris (2:33:09). In the 10K race which went off later in the day, Kyle Cook finished in 35:49 along with Anthony Corbett (56:20), Christine Crathorne (1:00:34), Jeremy Smith (1:02:54), Sharon Carr (1:13:28) & Alex Simpson, Caroline Ridley-Marriott and Mike Horan who all went round together in 1:24:12.

The first main cross country race of the season took place over at Acklam. In the women’s race, which covered 5.8K over two laps, Lucia Minto finished in 26:28 along with Claire Chapman (29:29), Lisa Jenkins (33:16) and Lisa Reeve (33:20). In the men’s race which covered 9.6K over four laps, Michael Joyeux came home in second place in 34:20 followed by Darren Wright (42:36), Peter Commane (44:02), Adrian Colbourne (44:25), Adrian Cottam (45:13), Luke Minall (45:16), Tom Chapman (48:59), Fred Tennant (50:38), Lee Coles (51:11), Iain Clyde (51:57), Stephen Moore (54:42), Mark Trowles (55:52), Andrew Dixon (57:47) and Lee Morris (1:05:23).

In the Lake District, Rebecca Howard doubled up for the weekend; completing the Hellvellyn Trail Challenge 15K on the Saturday in 1:21:25 where she was also the first female finisher, then the next day finishing the Ullswater 14K trail race in 1:47:19.

Emma Bland was also in the region for the Lakeland Four Passes, which started and finished at Borrowdale, near Derwentwater. On a 19 mile route with 5,300 feet of climb, she covered the distance in 6:43.

Alan Prest was the sole Quaker at the Shaun Lee Johnstone Memorial race near Boroughbridge, completing the multi-terrain 10 mile race in 2:00:52.

At the Turnpike Trot 10K and Rabbit Run 5K races held in the North Yorkshire Moors, Caroline Litster and Karen Dove completed the former in 1:12:42 and 1:17:47 respectively, while in the latter, Lewis and Michelle Boshier finished together in 34:02, with Richard Hughes in 35:22 and Sally Watson in 39:00.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 19:48 followed by Ed Griffiths (21:11), Adrian Colbourne (21:15), Adrian Cottam (21:18), Dan Rowlands (21:43), Tom Chapman (21:48), Gary Read (22:11), Steve Howell (22:28), Stephen Moore (23:01), Fred Tennant (23:32), Andrew Dixon (24:01), Julie Russell (24:31), Mark Trowles (25:54), Julie Bell (26:10), Claire Chapman (26:25), Brian Dixon (26:40), Stuart Masterman (27:18), Lee Morris (28:42), Margaret Hunter (29:11), Sally Singleton (29:13), Amy Woodcock (29:16), Alison Hardwick (29:24), Emma King (30:03), Michelle Dale (31:22) and Michael King (35:27).

At Sedgefield, Darren Alderson finished in 26:54 along with Jo Dickinson (29:43), Lucy Bendle (32:50) and Lisa Alderson (34:59), while at Tees Barrage, Lucia Minto ran there in 24:29 with Emily Beaumont (32:01) and Karen Dove (34:09). At Whitley Bay, Phil Rutter and Gill Colling ran there in 23:23 and 29:09 respectively, while Phil Clarke did the run at Catterick in 24:14. Further afield, Steven Johnston did the Haigh Woodland run near Wigan in 27:28, Darryn Wood ran at Lancaster in 35:10, while in Edinburgh, Olly Moore did the Portobello run in 27:53.