Press Report w/e 02/07/2017

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Press Reports

Quakers covered all distances last week, with some races lasting just seconds, to others covering a whole twenty-four hours.

Gary Read clearly enjoying the 5K race at Middlesbrough!

Those in for the long-haul headed to Bramham Park near Leeds for the Endurun 24, where runners completed multiple five mile laps of the park within a 24 hour period. In the solo event, Richard Hughes ran 15 laps, for 75 miles in total (and also setting a club record for furthest distance ran in 24 hours). Anthony Corbett ran 13 laps (65 miles), with April Corbett also covering the same distance (and finishing ninth overall in the female category), while Mark Colling covered 8 laps (40 miles). In the mixed pairs event, Claire and Jamie Norman ran five and seven laps respectively to cover 60 miles, while in the mixed teams, Phil Rutter, Sandra Cass, Gill Colling, Wendy Colling, Roy MacDougall all ran six laps each for a total of 150 miles (and coming ninth overall in that category). Dan Rowlands also ran in a mixed team, covering four laps for a total of 20 miles.

There was a big turnout just down the road at Middlesbrough for the Ali Brownlee 5K race, which started and finished at the Riverside Stadium. Kyle Cook finished in 17:16 followed by Brian Martin (18:49 and first in his age category), Gary Read (19:33), Brian McLaren (21:17), Diane Vaughan (22:14 and third in her age category), Stephen Moore (22:57), Rob Gillham (23:27), Peter Rowley (23:50), Jamie Pratt (23:52), Sue Woodcock (24:22), David Ledgerwood (24:38), Danny Gordon (25:21 and second in his age category), Jessica Campbell (25:34), Juliette McLaren (25:42), Sandra Martin (25:50), Lewis Boshier (26:06), Michelle Boshier (26:06), Gemma Hammond (26:13), Michelle Scruby (27:51), Kelly Smith (28:42), Phill Johnston (29:25), Dawn Johnston (30:26), Lena Rusa (30:54), Caroline Litster (30:40), Nichola Jordan (30:40), Charlie Johnson (31:17), Claire Hewitt (33:20) and Sally Watson (33:21).

Down in the Midlands, Pam Barrass took part in the Black Country Half Marathon, finishing the race which was run along the canal from Wolverhampton to Birmingham in 2:06:10.

The fifth event of the NYSD track and Field series took place down at Eastbourne which saw another five club records being set or broken. In the 3000m, Kyle Cook ran the distance in 9.44, with Rob Dent in 10.41 (breaking his own club record), and Paul Roberts in 12.50 (to also break his own club record). Lindsey Lester was the sole Quaker to take on the sprint distance, finishing the 200m in 31.5s. On the field, Fred Tennant threw the javelin 15.75m to set a new club record), along with Nicola Arkley (13.14m, CR), Lindsey Lester (9.82m to break her existing record) and Rob Dent (8.23m).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:09 followed by James Atkinson (19:05), Rob Dent (19:06), Chris Minto (19:42), Alex Kiel (20:00), Adrian Cottam (20:13), Ed Griffiths (20:44), David Mclachlan (20:53), Peter Commane (20:55), Fred Tennant (20:59), Rebecca Howard (21:03 and the first female finisher), Steven Major (21:21), Luke Minall (21:38), Michael Oliver (22:23), David Ptak (23:06), Nick Wadd (23:43), Jamie Pratt (23:44), Gary Read (23:58 in his 200th parkrun), Peter Rowley (24:02), Mark Trowles (24:20), Ty Hankinson (24:40), Mark Robinson (24:57), Rob Gillham (25:06), Danny Gordon (25:57), Lee Morris (26:05, PB), Julie Bell (27:14), Chris Land (28:04), Lisa Jenkins (28:10), Diane Lockhart (28:28), Mark Blewitt (28:38), Alison Hardwick (29:27), Gillian Harris (29:56), Dawn Johnston (30:26), Lisa Johnstone (30:52), Isabelle Bell (32:00), Michelle Dale (32:55), Paul Ryan (32:56), Paul Hutchinson (33:17), Lisa Alderson (34:02), Emma Joyeux (39:21) and Rachel Ryan (39:22).

At Sedgefield, Richard Payne finished in 25:20 along with Lewis Boshier (25:41), Michelle Boshier (25:41), Jo Dickinson (30:09), Emily Beaumont (32:49), Karen Dove (33:18) and Sally Watson (35:57). At Albert Park, Paul Dalton finished in 19:28, with Stephen Moore (23:11) and Clare Stradling (26:57), while at Catterick, Phil Clarke did the run there in 23:41. Caroline Moses ran at Gateshead in 36:29, Anna Hardy did the run at Durham in 28:46, Adrian Colbourne finished at Sunderland in 20:53, while at Wetherby, Phil Rutter completed the run in 23:12, with Gill Colling (29:08) and Wendy Colling (29:09).

Further afield, Michael Ladyman did the Princes park run in Liverpool in 20:52, Darryn Wood ran at Barnsley in 36:02, while Olly Moore finished at the Fell Foot run in 26:53. North of the border, David Ledgerwood did the Drumchapel run in Glasgow in 27:11.