Press Report w/e 01/10/2017

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Press Reports

While most runners headed for the coast at the weekend, one Quaker had spent nearly the whole week running overseas.

Between a rock and a hard place – Richard Hughes on his epic journey through the desert

Richard Hughes took part in the G2G Ultra, a 273 kilometre event held over six stages across parts of the Arizona and Utah deserts. He was one of just 93 runners to finish the distance, which started on the rim of the Grand Canyon and finished on the summit of the Grand Staircase, after 59 hours and 7 minutes.

The largest turnout of the weekend was over at Redcar, where runners had the option of either the half marathon or the 5K. In the former, Michael Joyeux crossed the line in second place in 1:11:18, equalling his PB and, as the race was part of the North East Counties Half Marathon Championships, taking home a silver medal as well. Next to finish were Dave Jones (1:27:59), Gary Read (1:29:00), James Atkinson (1:30:22), Michael Thompson (1:31:52), Louise Trainor (1:33:14, finishing first in her age category and breaking the club record for the distance too), David Todd (1:34:16), Michael Ladyman (1:36:14), Adrian Cottam (1:37:11, PB), Dale Chapman (1:41:00), Samuel Joblin (1:41:23, PB), Rob Gillham (1:47:11), Andrew Walker (1:49:55), Jeff Marriott (1:50:30), Bridget Stewart (1:53:53), Jessica Campbell (1:58:30), Gavin Armstrong (1:59:48), Ian Young (2:01:38), Lyn Hatch (2:01:43), Michael Oliver (2:01:45), Helen Whiting (2:06:20), Stephen Moore (2:06:46), Mark Ladyman (2:21:14), Lena Rusa (2:28:11), Chris Parsons (2:34:19) and Fiona Dixon (2:35:31). Over the 5K distance, Diane Vaughan finished in 22:53 (coming third in her age category), along with Lewis Boshier (24:52), Michelle Boshier (24:52), Julie Whinn (25:50), Claire Hewitt (32:37) and Sally Watson (32:43).

Up in Northumberland, Emily Beaumont ran the Border Trail Race near Fenwick, covering the 12 mile route along the St Cuthbert’s Way in 3:17:08.

Down at Knaresbrough, Peter Rowley took part in the Crag Rat Run, a 5mile multi terrain race, finishing the distance in 42:39.

Midweek had seen the second in the Darlo 5K Trail Run series, this time over at West Park. Adrian Colbourne finished in ninth place in 21:21, followed by Michael Kipling (21:30), Lucia Minto (24:19), Phil Rutter (24:38), Tom Chapman (24:47), Iain Clyde (27:09), Claire Chapman (27:49), Gill Colling (29:59), Emily Beaumont (30:06) and Janette Croft (31:39).

The previous week had seen the traditional opener for the cross country season, the relays at Thirsk, where all runners ran two one-mile laps of the course. In the women’s event, Quakers had the highest turnout of all female teams. The trio of Michelle Dale, Diane Lockhart & Anna Hardy finished in 57:30 along with Louise Trainor, Lisa Alderson & Lindsey Lester (57:54), Lisa Jenkins, Gillian Harris & Juliette McLaren (58:57), Sandra Martin, Sue New & Lisa Reeve (1:00:34), while Nicola Herraghty ran a solo leg in 21:28. In the men’s event, the team of Alex Kiel, Rob Dent, Kyle Cook & Marc Ellis finished in third place in 49:53, with Luke Minall, Billy Harris, Rob Gillham & Adrian Cottam coming home in 1:02:01 and Darren Alderson, Malcolm Hewitson, Brian McLaren & Adrian Colbourne in 1:03:26.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Marc Ellis finished at South Park in 18:21 followed by Rob Dent (19:20), David Todd (19:42), Darren Whiting (22:38), Ed Griffiths (23:30), Gareth Kyle (23:37), Abigail Willson (23:44), Gary Read (24:44), Julie Bell (25:37), Stuart Masterman (25:45), Mark Trowles (25:57), Darren Alderson (26:22), Lee Morris (27:29), Michelle Dale (31:47), Lucy Bendle (32:06), Emma Joyeux (32:45), Sarah Bayles (32:49), Roy Macdougall (33:15), Lisa Alderson (33:29) and Paul Ryan (34:15).

At Sedgefield, Tom Chapman finished in 22:37 along with Lucia Minto (25:06), Mark Colling (25:23), Jeff Marriott (26:39), Richard Payne (27:07), Claire Chapman (27:53) and Emily Beaumont (29:10). David Ledgerwood ran at Hartlepool in 24:40, Adrian Colbourne did the run at Flatts Lane in 22:49, Malcolm Hewitson finished at Tees Barrage in 24:34 while Helen Whiting completed Stewart Park in 35:52. Jo Dickinson did the Riverside run in 29:13, Darryn Wood ran at Redcar in 36:37 and Rebecca Howard finished at York in 31:16. Further afield, Peter Rowley did the Bramhall run, near Stockport in 25:47 while Steven Johnston ran at Chester in 37:00.