England Athletics

It is part of the Quakers Running Club constitution (2015) that membership without EA affiliation is an option. Please see information below regarding the benefits of EA affiliation for individual members as well as Quakers Running Club, as an organisation.

Who are England Athletics?

England Athletics are the membership and development body for grassroots athletics and running clubs in England. Their vision is to make athletics and running the most popular sport in the country.

What do they do? 

They support 1800 affiliated clubs (track & field, road running, fell, hill, trail and cross country).

They support with coach development opportunities, resource provision for whole-club development planning, volunteer training and recognition, welfare support and event registration.

They also campaign to inspire group or community running.

What are their strategic priorities?

  1. To expand the capacity of the sport by supporting and developing volunteers and other workforce – licensed leaders, coaches and officials
  2. To sustain and increase participation and performance in sport through athlete registration
  3. To increase participation in the wider athletics and running market – ambition is to have more people become regular athletes/runners.

What are the main benefits of club affiliation and athlete registration?

Membership isn’t just about benefits, but about everyone contributing to ensure that the sport is serviced via coach and leader education and development and welfare support, for example.

EA provides a wide range of services, programmes, qualifications and development opportunities for its affiliated clubs and athletes.

Services for clubs include club management resources, competitions and events, welfare and compliance support and resources, coaching and athlete development team, insurance, coach, leader, guide running and official licensing and DBS checks.

Programmes include training days and mentored development for athletes and coaches, run together groups, support and resources for run and talk mental health champions as well as others that don’t apply to QRC e.g. for young people.

Qualification and development opportunities include qualifications for coaches and leaders, officials’ qualifications and coach development opportunities.

Services include athlete and coach development days (regional and national level) early bird tickets for major athletics events, e-bulletins, and consultation opportunities to shape how EA works.

Entries include eligibility to compete (competitions), eligibility to compete in national representative teams e.g. age group masters and London marathon places  are dependent on number of members – QRC currently have 3 places.

(1 place is offered to clubs with 10-150 first claim members that are registered with EA. 2 places are offered to clubs with 151-250 members, 3 places to clubs with 251-350 and 4 places to clubs with 351+)

Benefits include discounted entry (minimum £2 per registered club runner) into UKA licensed road races, partnership offers including Fitness First, Runderwear, AfterShokz, KT Tape to name just a few  (full list of partners available from EA website) and discounts on coaching and leadership courses.

How do EA spend funds? 

Only 35% of funding comes from membership and registration. 35% comes from Sport England and the remaining 30% comes from other income streams e.g. grants. They are a not for profit organisation and detailed information is available and is broken down into club support, coach and athlete development, competitions and events, overheads and support costs, communication and business development and membership and affiliation. The majority is spent on club support, followed by coaching and athlete development.

How much does England Athletics membership cost? 

The EA fee is currently £15.

More detailed information is available on the England Athletics website at: https://www.englandathletics.org/about-us/about-us/our-work/

If you have any questions or would like more details about membership without England Athletics affiliation, please email membership@quakersrunningclub.org.uk