Club Championship – 2017

This page is an archive of the 2017 Club Championship competition


Championship Table

Click here to view the final 2017 Club Championship Table (PDF)


Championship Race Listing

Group 1: (5 miles and under)

Date Race Distance Terrain Results
09/04/2017 Hartlepool Marina 5mi Road Results (PDF)
26/04/2017 Spring Coast Road 5km Road Results (PDF)
10/05/2017 Pie and Peas 5mi Road Results (PDF)
02/07/2017 Ali Brownlee 5km Road Results (PDF)
19/07/2017 Summer Coast Road 5km Road Results (PDF)
27/08/2017 Auckland Castle 5mi Trail Results (PDF)
30/08/2017 Rosebery Topping 1.5mi Fell Results (PDF)
04/09/2017 Quaker Mile 1mi Track Results (PDF)
06/09/2017 Autumn Coast Road 5km Road Results (PDF)
24/09/2017 Thirsk Relays 2mi Cross Country Results (PDF)
26/11/2017 Gavin Duffy Memorial 5km Trail Results (PDF)


Group 2: (Under 10 miles)

Date Race Distance Terrain Results
14/04/2017 Mermaid 10km 10km Road Results (PDF)
14/05/2017 Pier to Pier 7.5mi Multi Terrain Results (PDF)
21/05/2017 Raby Castle 10km Mostly Road Results (PDF)
28/05/2017 Northallerton 10km Mostly Road Results (PDF)
09/06/2017 Blaydon Race 5.6mi Road Results (PDF)
21/06/2017 Whorlton Run 10km Fell Results (PDF)
09/07/2017 Kilburn Feast 7mi Road Results (PDF)
30/07/2017 James Herriot Trail 14km Trail Results ( PDF)
20/08/2017 Scorton Feast Memorial 10km Multi Terrain Results (PDF)
23/09/2017 Snape 10km Trail Results (PDF)
08/10/2017 Richmond Castle 10km Road Results (PDF)
22/10/2017 Yorkshire Coast 10km Road Results (PDF)
12/11/2017 Dalby Dash 10km Multi Terrain Results (PDF)
25/11/2017 Ravenstonedale Red 10km Road Results (PDF)
03/12/2017 Eskdale Eureka 8mi Fell Results (PDF)


Group 3: (10 miles and over)

Date Race Distance Terrain Results
12/03/2017 Dentdale Run 14mi Road Results (PDF)
19/03/2017 Thirsk Ten 10mi Road Results (PDF)
26/03/2017 DHAC South Park 20 20mi Road Results (PDF)
30/04/2017 Reeth Trail 20k 20km Trail Results (PDF)
10/09/2017 Vale of York Half Marathon 13.1mi Road Results (PDF)
01/10/2017 Redcar Half Marathon 13.1mi Road Results (PDF)
05/11/2017 Guy Fawkes 10 10mi Mostly road Results (PDF)
19/11/2017 Town Moor Half Marathon 13.1mi Road Results (PDF)