As the Club’s numbers expand, and more Members are accessing both the 10:00/Mile Steady Run Group and the 12:00/Mile Steady Run Group, we would just like to remind Members of a bit of ‘Steady Run Etiquette’, especially in these dark nights (on top of our usual reminder to wear hi-viz!)

Wherever possible we allocate two Coaches to each Group; one to take the lead at the front of the Group and regulate the pace, and one to remain at the back and ensure that the Group are not becoming too strung out. Obviously both Coaches should be in a position to be able to communicate with one another to ensure the Group remain together, and that the Group are able to cross any road junctions safely.

It would be hugely appreciated if Members could remain behind the Coach leading the Group, thus ensuring that the required pace is maintained, and not push the pace beyond the required 10:00/Mile pace, or 12:00/Mile pace.

We would ask that when Groups are required to stop at road junctions, that the Group wait until all are safely across before re-commencing the run. Sometimes such natural breaks also provide a rest for some, and if those at the front of a Group get a rest, and push straight on, those at the rear of the Group will not necessarily receive a similar rest.

We would also remind Members that, where groups do become fragmented (and we do appreciate that this does naturally occur at times), regular ‘looping back’ should take place, slotting in behind the last runner (the Coach at the ‘tail’ should then drop off to retake the position at the back), and Members should remain in position whilst steadily increasing their pace again, thus not defeating the object of looping back.

The same principles apply to both the Monthly Club Steady Run, and any of the Sunday Steady Runs too. The purpose of these runs is intended to be recreational and sociable, rather than a training run. We all embrace the philosophy of ‘No Quaker Left Behind’!