Clubmark – Introduction

What is Clubmark?

Clubmark is a national accreditation scheme which is run by Sport England for community sports clubs. It recognises high standards and looks at safety, fairness, coaching and management for the running of the club. Sport England aims to help build a safer, stronger and more successful national sports club infrastructure.

The accreditation provides assurance that the club is providing the right environment and is recognised for providing a rewarding and fulfilling place for club members to participate whilst encouraging everyone to enjoy sport and to stay involved.

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Who Accredits Clubmark?

An initial assessment is undertaken online and then an assessor from the National Governing Body will carry out a site visit to ensure we have all of the relevant paperwork such as policies and procedures in place that meet the requirements and to fully understand our club practices. As part of the accreditation we will agree development goals for the club for the year ahead.


Why should Quakers Running Club apply?

Clubmark will give the recognition that we are a high quality club.
Members will be assured that we are a well-managed club and we are striving to improve, to offer the best in coaching and are continually developing.
Being awarded Clubmark demonstrates that we have awareness of safety, quality coaching, equal opportunities and that the club is managed well.


What are the benefits?

  • We will have clear objectives and ambition for the future to communicate to our Club Members.
  • By having documented processes and club structures the Club will run more efficiently.
  • Some leisure operators and local authorities may offer discount to Clubmark accredited Clubs. Accredited Clubs are eligible for the Sainsbury’s Active Kids scheme where Clubs can apply for equipment.
  • Regularly reviewing and updating policies, training and systems shows confidence and increased productivity.
  • Clubmark will help with strategies to recruit new members.
  • Members can be sure their club is a well-managed Club, striving to offer the best in coaching and sports development.


What are the criteria?

In simple terms there are four sections:

1. Activity / Playing Programme

Our Club will look at the opportunities we provide, when we are providing them, how we are delivering them and by whom.

2. Duty Of Care and Welfare

It is the duty of every Club to take steps to ensure that members, volunteers, and visitors can enjoy the sport offered by the Club in a safe environment.

3. Knowing Your Club and Community

It is important to promote the right culture in our Club so that its policies, practices and ethos encourage all members to adopt an inclusive, friendly approach to sport.

4. Club Management

Clubs that are well managed tend to be more successful and sustainable for the future as well as being prepared in the event of emergencies.

The scheme provides the information and support that is needed to meet recognised standards and ensures that good practice is followed.


What does this mean for Quakers Running Club?

There is a lot of work we need to complete to ensure we have everything in place to be successful when we apply for the accreditation. The four sections of criteria each have a number of elements which need to be reviewed and a development plan is needed.


What is happening now?

Following an EGM in September 2016, all club officers and coaches were invited to a meeting, where a request was made for volunteers who are interested in the future of the Club and who would like to be involved in gaining this accreditation.

Those people that volunteered have been allocated into teams. Each team is responsible for one of the four sections of the criteria. Each team has attended a meeting to look at what is needed and have created an action plan and allocated responsibility for each action to a team member. The actions may be to collect more information or to produce draft policies to share with the rest of the teams to review.


What next?

The teams have their next meetings planned to take place throughout January to Mid-February 2017. Output from these meetings will be posted on the website for member review, during this period. Once member review is complete and the documentation is finalised, it will be submitted to England Athletics for the accreditation.