Achievements Oct – Dec 2022

by | Dec 30, 2022 | News

We are almost at the end of the year so here is the round up for the last quarter of the 2022.  Our Club over the year has raised a really good sum for the charity for the year St. Teresa’s with the various events we have held over the year so thank you everyone for your donations. The Social Committee would also like to thank you for all the prizes you donated to the Christmas party raffle and a big thank you to the QRC Management Committee, Up & Running, Dalesrunner and Endurance Life for the fabulous running related prizes that they donated.

The total raised for St Teresa’s

Ukraine appeal bonus ballMar-22£360.00
Party in the ParkJul-22£133.05
Quiz nightSep-22£151.00
York day tripOct-22£99.00
Christmas PartyDec-22£450.00

Additionally we raised money for two regional Mountain Rescue teams from the Lyke Wake Challenge in July. Anthony, Roy and myself would like to thank the members who kindly give up their time to marshal the event.  If you would like to have a fabulous, rewarding and fun day and volunteer to help us next year please do save the date 8th July and let us know.

Looking at the running achievements we have done really well with many age category places, Club Records broken and winning male and female teams in events.  The below lists those that I am aware of for October to December.  Early next year I will publish the list for the year so if you have any PBs (excluding parkrun), have been in the top three for your age category, completed a marathon or an ultra marathon or believe you can claim a club record please email . I try to recognise when members have done any of these but with so many events and people travelling everywhere in the UK and in other countries it isn’t possible to keep track of everyone so your help is appreciated.

Have a good New Year

April –

01 October 2022Dave ThompsonRound Rotherham 50 milesUltra Marathon, Club Record 11:55:24, 2nd in age category
01 October 2022Karen MavinKielder 10k1st in age category 56:46
02 October 2022David AikenRedcar half marathonPB 1:27:51, 3rd in age category
02 October 2022Scott BeaumontRedcar Zetland 10kPB 44:15
02 October 2022Emily BeaumontRedcar Zetland 10k1st in age category 52:52
02 October 2022Brian MartinLondon MarathonMarathon, Club Record 3:09:47
02 October 2022Billy HarrisLondon MarathonMarathon, PB 3:19:32
02 October 2022Michael OliverLondon MarathonMarathon 4:40:24
02 October 2022Sandra MartinLondon MarathonMarathon 4:42:14
02 October 2022Helen WhitingLondon MarathonMarathon, 4:48:12
02 October 2022Fiona DixonLondon MarathonMarathon 5:44:26
02 October 2022Dave WhittleKielder MarathonMarathon, PB 4:12:04
02 October 2022Martin MavinKielder Half Marathon1st in age category, PB 1:43:11
02 October 2022Karen MavinKielder 10k1st in age category  56:46
08 October 2022Scott BeaumontRound Ripon UltraUltra marathon 8:05
08 October 2022Emily BeaumontRound Ripon UltraUltra marathon 8:05
08 October 2022Rebecca JonesRound Ripon UltraUltra marathon 8:05
09 October 2022Rebecca HowardRichmond 10k2nd lady, 1st in age category 41:45
09 October 2022Martin MavinRichmond 10k3rd in age category 47:51
09 October 2022Susan SparrowRichmond 10k3rd in age category 52:51
09 October 2022Katherine HackettRoundhay half marathon1st in age category 1:48
09 October 2022Danny GordonNYSD Cross Country Acklam2nd in age category
15 October 2022Martin MavinDevils Foot half marathon1st in age category 2:21:38
16 October 2022Ian BurgessScarborough 10k2nd in age category, PB 47:47
16 October 2022Bryan DaleYorkshire 10 milesPB 1:40
16 October 2022Adele BrownYorkshire 10 milesPB 1:52
16 October 2022Helen SpavenScarborough 10kPB 56:03
16 October 2022Michael KiplingYork MarathonMarathon PB 2:59
16 October 2022Shane LesterYork MarathonMarathon 3:38
16 October 2022Dan RowlandsYork MarathonMarathon PB 4:02
16 October 2022Chris EvansYork MarathonMarathon, 1st marathon 4:07
16 October 2022Gary ReadYork MarathonMarathon 4:32
16 October 2022Caroline LitsterYork MarathonMarathon, PB 4:44
16 October 2022Rachel ReadYork MarathonMarathon, PB 5:34
23 October 2022Rob GillhamNorthumberland Castles half marathon2nd in age category 1:41:57
23 October 2022Rob DentWhixley 10k1st in age category 42:33
23 October 2022Michael ThompsonLangdale MarathonMarathon 4:50:12
23 October 2022Dawn RichardsonLeeds Abbey Dash 10kClub Record, 2nd in age category 40:23, qualified for England
23 October 2022Brian MartinLeeds Abbey Dash 10k2nd in age category 40:03, qualified for England Chester 10k
23 October 2022Helen SpavenLeeds Abbey Dash 10kPB 54:31
23 October 2022Melissa HirdLeeds Abbey Dash 10kPB 54:22
05 November 2022Wendy CollingWooler Trail MarathonMarathon 07:25:37
05 November 2022Billy HarrisWooler Trail MarathonMarathon, 1st in age category 5:48:20
06 November 2022Marc EllisGuy Fawkes3rd in age category 1:03
12 November 2022Wendy CollingHardmoors MarathonMarathon 6:18:39
13-Nov-22Diane VaughanTown Moor Memorial 10k2nd in age category 47:10
13-Nov-22Mandy HarrisonHamsterley Rembrance 5 miles3rd in age category 1:10
13-Nov-22Scott BeaumontTown Moor Memorial 10kPB 42:35
13-Nov-22Emily BeaumontTown Moor Memorial 10kPB 51:15
13 November 2022Brian CowtonAlton Towers half marathon2nd in age category 2:12
13 November 2022Dawn RichardsonFox Rush Farm Cross Country2nd lady, 1st in age category 24:46
13 November 2022Danny GordonFox Rush Farm Cross Country2nd in age category 41:2
13 November 2022Marc EllisFox Rush Farm Cross Country1st in age category 34:56
20 November 2022Tom ChapmanTweed Valley Ultra 65kUltra Marathon 7:44
20 November 2022Claire ChapmanTweed Valley Ultra 50kUltra Marathon 6:27 3rd in age category
20 November 2022Sue SparrowSlaley 10k1st in age category 1:02
26 November 2022Marc EllisRavenstonedale 10k1st in age category, 5th place 37:46
26 November 2022Abbie HullRavenstonedale 10k2nd in age category, 3rd lady 46:!2
26 November 2022Louise TrainorRavenstonedale 10k2nd in age category 48:22
26 November 2022Phil ClarkeRavenstonedale 10k1st in age category 54:09
26 November 2022Dave ThompsonRavenstonedale 10k3rd in age category 57:36
26 November 2022Abbie, Louise, EmilyRavenstonedale 10kLadies Team Winners
26 November 2022Marc, Rob, DaveRavenstonedale 10kMens Team winners
Simon Mulholland50 half marathons
Stephen Moore200 parkrun volunteers
03 December 2022Diane VaughanCroft 5k1st in age category 22:43
03 December 2022Billy HarrisLanzarote MarathonMarathon, 2nd in age category 3:28
04 December 2022Dawn RichardsonSummerhill Cross Country4th place, 1st in age category 28:10
04 December 2022Louise TrainorSummerhill Cross Country3rd in age category 31:41
04 December 2022Marc EllisSummerhill Cross Country3rd in age category, 40:08
04 December 2022Brian MartinSummerhill Cross Country1st place 29:03
11 December 2022Anna HarrisRoseberry 10k3rd in age category 1:48
11 December 2022Dave JonesRoseberry MarathonMarathon 09:17
11 December 2022Rebecca JonesRoseberry MarathonMarathon 09:17