3rd November: QRC Quiz Night

by | Nov 14, 2023 | News

There was a great turn out for the QRC Quiz night at The Travellers Rest, organised by QRC Social Committee and hosted by Quiz Master James Atkinson.

Around 60 members took part in the quiz, which was made up of four rounds of questions. We started with general knowledge, then sport, followed by the music round of spot the intro and the final set, which was the picture round.  Before we started we banned everyone from their phones and said anyone spotted looking at their phone would be fined £10, which certainly stopped any cheating!

Between rounds, papers were exchanged between teams for marking and then passed to the Social Committee to record the results for each team.  At the end of Quiz we found that there were two teams with the same score! Luckily James had prepared a couple of tie breaker questions so all was well.  The result was the team “Buggered if I know” were the overall winners.

Members donated a range of raffle prizes and The Travellers Rest kindly donated 3 bottles of wine. The fabulous amount of £276 was raised for the Darlington and Durham MS Society. (£202 from the raffle, £55.50 from entry into the quiz and £18.50 from Lisa A’s guess the number of sweets).

About MS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition that affects the nerves and is caused when the immune system isn’t working properly. The immune system normally protects you by fighting off infection, but with MS it attacks the nerves by mistake. The nerves control lots of different parts of the body which is why you can get MS symptoms in many parts of the body and also why everyone’s MS is different. Once diagnosed, MS is for life, but treatments and specialists can help to manage the condition and its symptoms.

The money invested in research has led to significant progress in the treatment of MS and every big breakthrough is the result of years of hard work. That’s why ongoing support and fundraising is so important.

Darlington and Durham MS Society

Darlington and Durham MS Society aim to support those with MS and their loved ones to live well with MS.

Up and down the country, local groups are on hand to provide friendship, support and information about MS. They also run research information days and events where you can learn more about living well with MS.

Quakers Running Club’s Social Committee

Quakers Running Club’s social committee promote an inclusive and friendly community culture outside of the running environment, actively engaging with members to ensure the club is seen as welcoming and friendly to members and non-members. Over the years, various local charities have been supported and previous fundraising events have included annual club presentation nights, ceilidhs, quiz nights, picnics in the park, litter picks, race nights, lottery bonus balls and Christmas parties.