28th September: QRC Treasure Hunt

by | Oct 1, 2023 | News

Photo of the winning team – Rob’s Runners 

What a brilliant night at the Run/Talk social run tonight!

There was a fabulous turn out of almost 50 Quakers taking on the Treasure Hunt and taking part in the raffle for Darlington MS which is the Quakers’ chosen charity for 2023.

The winning team of the Treasure hunt were: Rob’s Rocket Runners – Rob, Helen, Stephen, Simon, Lucy, John and Steve, with Team Awesome in 2nd place and Gilly’s Joggers in 3rd place.

There was also a guess how many sweets were in the jar which was won by Team 2 – Team Awesome who guessed 98 sweets! (94 sweets in the jar).

Raffle winners were:

  • Monkey Sox voucher – Paul Roberts
  • Soul to Heal voucher – Juliette McLaren
  • Let’s Run Voucher – Tracey Fleming
  • Cake Hub Cupcakes – Mark Colling

Well done Diane, Brian and Juliette for organising the event and to Lisa Alderson for organising the fabulous raffle which raised approximately £140.

About MS

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurological condition that affects the nerves and is caused when the immune system isn’t working properly. The immune system normally protects you by fighting off infection, but with MS it attacks the nerves by mistake. The nerves control lots of different parts of the body which is why you can get MS symptoms in many parts of the body and also why everyone’s MS is different. Once diagnosed, MS is for life, but treatments and specialists can help to manage the condition and its symptoms.

The money invested in research has led to significant progress in the treatment of MS and every big breakthrough is the result of years of hard work. That’s why ongoing support and fundraising is so important.

Darlington and Durham MS Society

Darlington and Durham MS Society aim to support those with MS and their loved ones to live well with MS.

Up and down the country, local groups are on hand to provide friendship, support and information about MS. They also run research information days and events where you can learn more about living well with MS.