22nd March 2024: Let’s Move for a Better World 2024

by | Mar 24, 2024 | News

Photo: Rob and Marc at the Let’s Move Challenge (photo courtesy of Lin Gossage)

Once again, the Dolphin Centre hosted the ‘Let’s Move for a Better World’ campaign. It has been running for over a decade and involves different teams competing against each other to earn move points; if they reach a target of at least 100000 moves, they earn kits to donate to local charities (last time it got to 200,000 moves). The Dolphin Centre have finished in the top 5 in every event.

Darlington running clubs compete against each other, taking part in 30 minute slots from 3pm until 8pm and participants can walk, jog, walk, jog or sprint the 30 minute slot, staying on the treadmill for the 30 minutes.

Well done to the following members who represented QRC, Dave Murphy, Marc Ellis, Lou Trainor, Ian Burgess, David Nadler, Chris Evans, Lisa Bowerbank, Daniel Orton, Carys Samuel and Rob Gilham – you all did amazing!

Together, the 5 running clubs represented, added more than 60,000 moves and elevated the Dolphin centre from 4th in the country to 3rd, so a fabulous achievement by everyone.

Edit: Not only that, brilliant news… Quakers were placed highest overall with one of the team logging the highest moves overall!