Press Report w/e 19/06/2016

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Press Reports

A busy week of action saw another league race on the calendar as well as a whopping nineteen club records being set.

Neil Harrington looking far too excited during the Aycliffe 10K last weekend!

Neil Harrington looking far too excited during the Aycliffe 10K last weekend!

There was a large turnout for the latest 10K league race, just up the road at Newton Aycliffe, where one runner could well lay claim to a club record for the fastest time running a 10K with a buggy! First home for the club over the two-and-a-half lap course was Paul Dalton in 37:07 (and in ninth place overall), followed by Dave Jones (39:40, PB), Kyle Cook (39:44), Michael Thompson (40:52), Rob Dent (41:19), Daniel Orton (42:09), Steven Major (43:38), Steve Snook (44:58), Rob Gillham (46:45), Lindsey Lester (48:00), Patrick Robson (48:09), Samuel Joblin (49:08), Michael Oliver (49:21), Neil Harrington (50:45), Sue Woodcock (51:26), Jeff Marriott (52:17), Mark Blewitt (52:39), Andrew Dixon (52:58), Anna Hardy (53:55), Tracey Plaskitt (54:06), Colin Smith (54:11), David Brown (54:18), Lewis Boshier (54:47), Michelle Boshier (54:47), David Ledgerwood (54:55, PB), Jamie Burn (56:22), Darren Alderson (56:29), Pamela Barrass (57:36), Sally Singleton (58:34), Lisa Johnstone (59:45), Kevin Simpson (1:01:15), Lisa Jenkins (1:02:23), Emma Joyeux (with young Oliver for company, 1:02:31), Lee Morris (1:02:32), Michelle Scruby (1:04:00), Darren Wright (1:05:42), Darryn Wood (1:07:18), Alan Prest (1:08:17), Isabelle Bell (1:10:29), Lucy Bendle (1:13:06), Euan Bell (1:16:47) and Adrian Dent (1:17:20).

The fourth event of the NYSD Track and Field season took place at Middlesbrough at the start of the week, which saw Quakers in action in both disciplines, resulting in several club records (CR) on the night. In the 100 metres, Ian Readman clocked 14.7s, with Gary Read (14.8s, CR), Paul Roberts (14.9s, CR), Lindsey Lester (15.1s, CR), Steven Johnson (15.3s), Colin Smith (15.4s, CR) and Dawn Richardson (18.5s). In the 400m, Ian Readman was once again the quickest, finishing in 1:06.8 (CR), with Gary Read (1:08.0, CR), Lindsey Lester (1:14.1, CR), Colin Smith (1:16.5, CR), Dawn Richardson (1:17.4) and Steven Johnson (1:24.0). Over the 3000 metres, Dawn Richardson was first to finish in 11.18.3 (CR), with Ian Readman (11.24.7), Gary Read (11.38.1, CR), Steven Johnson (16.07.8) and Paul Roberts (16.08.2, CR). There were two events out on the field. In the shot put, Ian Readman threw 7.35m (CR), with Paul Roberts (7.01m), Dawn Richardson (6.03m, CR), Steven Johnson (6.00m) and Gary Read (5.86m, CR). In the long jump, Paul Roberts landed four metres exactly (CR), with Gary Read (3.8m, CR) and Dawn Richardson (2.43m, CR).

A day earlier, Colin Smith had once again headed up to Jarrow for the North East Masters Track and Field event. He ran 31.7s for the 200m, and 52.3s for the 300m, setting new club records for both distances.

Midweek had also seen the third of the Stockton Summer 5K trail series, held at Ropner Park, which was somewhat lacking in the trail side of things! Kyle Cook finished the three lap route around the park in 18:50, followed by Rob Dent (19:02), Gary Read (19:55), Phil Rutter (21:16), Jill Clapp (21:35), Andrew Dixon (24:03), Danny Gordon (24:51), Tracey Plaskitt (26:59), Gill Colling (28:05), Lee Morris (28:35) and Gill Wallis (32:10).

Down in Humberside, Carol Penney was the sole Quaker at the Hull 10K, completing the race there in 1:03:45.

The previous week had seen a trio heading out to Swaledale, for the marathon event held across the fells themselves. Anthony Corbett completed the route in 5:08, along with April Corbett (5:36) and Richard Payne (6:25).

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished at South Park in 18:56, followed by Jill Clapp (21:34), David Mclachlan (22:20), Rob Gillham (22:50), Peter Rowley (23:00), Peter Commane (25:05), Michelle Boshier (25:55), Rebecca Bowes (25:55), David Ledgerwood (25:56), Andrew Dixon (25:57), Dale Chapman (26:11), David Ptak (27:09), Tristen Coad (27:24), Hazel Commane (27:30), Brian Dixon (28:04), Lisa Johnstone (28:16), Lewis Boshier (29:45), Michelle Scruby (30:09), Paul Ryan (31:26), Chrissie Moore (31:47), Michael King (33:36) and Gary Read (38:28).

At Albert Park, Marc Ellis completed the run there in 17:50 along with Darren Alderson (25:11), Sharon Carr (31:47) and Lisa Alderson (35:33), while at Sedgefield, Dave Thompson and Diane Adkins finished in 26:15 and 23:42 respectively. Emily Beaumont ran at Tees barrage in 35:56, while Rebecca Howard headed to Fountains Abbey, finishing there in 23:42. Further afield, Michael Joyeux was first across the line at the Princes Park run at Liverpool in 17:13.