Press Report w/e 31/05/2015

by | Jun 3, 2015 | Press Reports

While several runners headed north of the border for a big weekend in Edinburgh, one Quaker finally made it home from, quite literally, the other end of the country.

Taking in a whopping 505 miles and lasting 30 days in all, Marc Ellis completed his epic charity run from Land’s End to Darlington, raising over £15,000 in the process. The route saw him having to contend with both tough terrain and bad weather conditions all along the way. The final leg took place on Saturday morning, where a group of fellow Quakers ran in with him to the finish line at the market cross.

The majority of runners headed to the Scottish capital last weekend where a marathon, half marathon and 10K were all on the cards. In the full marathon, which started in Edinburgh and finished to the east at Musselburgh, Brian Martin completed the somewhat windy route in 3:26:16 followed by Billy Harris (3:37:16, PB), Gary Read (4:10:37), David Whittle (4:15:50), Gillian Harris (4:43:45, PB), Fiona Dixon (4:52:52), Gavin Armstrong (5:06:02), Leigh-Marie Padgett (5:08:53), Steve Padgett (5:08:53) and Kevin Simpson (5:10:58, PB).

In the half marathon, which went off at the slightly unusual time of 8am, Phil Rutter completed the route in 1:39:09 as did Peter Dods (1:40:18), James Simpson (1:56:15), Sandra Martin (2:01:42, PB), Emily Mann (2:07:06) and Gill Colling (2:17:23). The previous day had also seen the 10K race, Sandra Cass finishing in 54:27 along with John Whinn (1:03:35), Julie Whinn (1:06:56) and Diane Adkins (1:07:54).

Closer to home at the Middlesbrough Riverside 5K race, Michael Joyeux finished in 16:18 followed by Paul Dalton (16:52, PB), Chris Minto (20:45), Stephen Moore (20:59), Paul Roberts (21:02), Stephen Ash (23:51), Colin Smith (25:40), Lena Rusa (25:58), Ian Young (25:57), Pamela Barrass (26:59), Wendy Noble (27:27), Mel Newton (27:44), Michelle Boshier (28:02), Lewis Boshier (28:02), Michelle Scruby (28:33), Sarah Bartram (33:01), Sarah Kane (33:01), Linda Harrington (37:28) and Neil Harrington (37:30).

At the Allendale Fair race, over the unusual distance of 7.7 miles, Anthony Corbett finished in 1:04:14 along with Simon Rek (1:04:28), April Corbett (1:05:22), Phill Hall (1:18:39) and Alan Prest (1:25:52).

Heading off road was Rebecca Howard who ran the Ilkley trail race, over a distance of 6.9 miles, in 1:03:28.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Paul Dalton was first across the line at South Park in 17:31, followed by Mark Robinson (19:54), Nick Wadd (21:11), Paul Roberts (21:45), Andrew Dixon (23:22), Danny Gordon (24:12), David Brown (24:26), Mark Blewitt (24:32), Sarah Watson (26:52), Fin Fox (27:30), Paul Hutchinson (27:57), Mark Trowles (28:39), Sally Singleton (28:52), Zoe Rothery (28:53), Jeff Marriott (29:07), Lee Morris (29:29), Michelle Scruby (30:26), Ashleigh Atkinson (30:39), Clair Bage (30:46), Lucy Bendle (32:02), Paul Ryan (36:12) and Gary Read (45:12).

At Albert Park, Stephen Moore and Michael Joyeux did the run there in 21:03 and 23:17 respectively, Jill Wallis completed the Sedgefield run in 35:42, while at Tees Barrage John Brant finished in 26:37 along with Jeanette Appleton (28:09).

Further afield, Peter Commane did the parkrun at Brighton in 19:04 while Richard Payne completed the run at Glasgow in 24:00.

Marc Ellis completing his charity run last weekend with the help of some fellow Quakers Marc Ellis completing his charity run last weekend with the help of some fellow Quakers