Press Report w/e 05/04/2015

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Press Reports

The Easter weekend sent Quakers to the coast not once, but twice, with two more league races appearing on the calendar.

It was certainly a Good Friday for those who headed to Marske for the Mermaid 10K, where the flat course allowed several runners to achieve personal bests. Michael Joyeux finished the race second overall in 33:40 (PB), followed by Brian Martin (38:03, PB and second in his age category), David Todd (39:35), Dale Chapman (40:07), Rob Dent (40:10, PB), Andrew Vernon (42:01), Phil Rutter (42:45, PB), Chris Minto (42:53), Darren Wright (43:07), Paul Roberts (43:40, PB), Diane Vaughan (44:41, PB and breaking the club record for her age category), Phill Hall (46:36, PB), Peter Rowley (48:06), Gavin Armstrong (48:31), Sarah Watson (50:01), Clare Stradling (50:05, PB), Paul Dalton (50:06), James Simpson (50:56, PB), Rebecca Bowes (51:35, PB), Julie Whinn (54:36), John Whinn (56:04), Wendy Noble (56:10, PB), Gill Colling (58:28, PB), Paula Roberts (58:37, PB), Rob Marquiss (58:49) and Sally Singleton (58:58).

The other league race at the weekend took place on Easter Sunday up at North Tyneside. First home for the club over the 10K route was Peter Dods in 47:20, followed by Wendy Colling (47:41), Phill Hall (49:15), Mark Colling (50:23), Sandra Cass (52:48), Janet Bowlby (53:48), Nicola Howe (54:13), Jeff Marriott (54:22), James Simpson (55:36), Claire Norman (1:00:13), Sally Singleton (1:00:47), Lee Morris (1:05:57) and Diane Adkins (1:09:19).

Those fancying something more off road headed to Helmsley for the 10K multi terrain race there. Andrew Vernon finished the course in 43:50 along with April Corbett (51:14), Anthony Corbett (52:51), Sarah Watson (53:53), Paul Appleton (54:11) and Jeanette Appleton (58:39).

The previous week had also seen the 10 mile trail race at Hamsterley Forest where Gavin Armstrong and James Simpson completed the undulating course in 1:33:05 and 2:04:18 respectively.

In the Saturday morning parkruns,  Paul Dalton completed the run at South Park in 18:24 along with Marc Ellis (20:40), Dale Chapman (21:06), Ewan Henderson (21:44), Nick Wadd (21:49), Rob Gillham (22:01), Zoe Rothery (22:11), David Whittle (22:12), Andrew Vernon (22:41), Steve Mcallister (22:57), Peter Rowley (23:39), Danny Gordon (24:24), John Brant (25:50), Julien Deckard (26:39), Sarah Leach (27:01), Alec Cinamon (27:23), Sarah Watson (27:28), Lewis Boshier (28:02), Michelle Boshier (28:03), Michelle Scruby (28:31), Iain Clyde (29:38), Paul Ryan (29:54), Duncan O’neil (30:16), Wendy Noble (30:52), Mark Trowles (31:10), Hazel Commane (32:20), Juelz Lee-Deckard (35:38), Ian Readman (36:56), Adrian Dent (38:23) and Peter Holt (38:38).

Over at Sedgefield, Dave Thompson completed the run there in 22:45 along with Richard Payne (25:13), Paul Roberts (28:58), Jeff Marriott (29:40), Mark Colling (29:40), Gill Colling (31:59), Diane Adkins (34:44) and Jill Wallis (35:18). At Tees Barrage, Paul and Jeanette Appleton did the run there in 25:44 and 28:32 respectively, while Stephen Moore finished at Albert Park in 20:57.

Smiling and flying at the same time! Gill Colling on her way to a PB at the Mermaid 10K Smiling and flying at the same time! Gill Colling on her way to a PB at the Mermaid 10K