Press Report w/e 19/04/2015

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Press Reports

A packed week of action saw some Quakers not only doubling up for the day, but also two club records being set as well.

The first of this year’s spring marathons took place over in Manchester where Michael Thompson completed the 26.2 mile distance in 3:15:56, with Bridget Stewart finishing in 3:49:48 (PB).

The latest 10K league race took place at Fountains Abbey, near Ripon. First home for the club over the mixed terrain course was Andrew Vernon in 42:08, followed by Darren Wright (45:52), Gary Read (47:32), Phill Hall (51:10), Sarah Watson (52:06), Stephen Mcallister (52:16), James Simpson (52:40), Paul Appleton (52:47), Rebecca Bowes (53:25), Michelle Boshier (54:12), Jeff Marriott (55:29), Jeanette Appleton (59:16) and Alec Cinamon (1:01:08).

Over at Reeth, there were two races in one day with both a 10K and 20K on offer. Over the shorter distance Paul Jefferies completed the hilly course in 59:42 along with John Whinn (1:00:25), Julie Whinn (1:08:02), Clare Westwood (1:32:39) and Danny Gordon (1:52:42), while over the longer distance Paul Dalton finished in 1:34:04 followed by David Todd (1:46:04), Anthony Corbett (2:02:38), Rebecca Howard (2:06:46) and Richard Payne (2:07:24).

The first of this season’s NYSD track events took place down at Eastbourne track. In the men’s 200m Michael Kay posted a time of 29.6 seconds, while in the women’s 200m, Paula Roberts ran 38.9 seconds (setting a club record for her age category). In perhaps the bravest performance of the night Paul Roberts completed the 2K steeplechase event in 9:27 (and also setting a club record for his age category).

The final event in this year’s cross country season took place at Croft Circuit with the delayed relay event, with each runner completing one 2.1K lap of the circuit. In the women’s event, the team of Hannah Robinson, Sally Singleton and Paula Roberts finished in a time of 51:48, while the duo of Rebecca Bowes and Rebecca Howard finished in 30:44. In the men’s event, the quartet of Brian Martin, Chris Minto, Ewan Henderson and Michael Kay finished in 49:47, while the team of Graham Park, Paul Roberts, Billy Harris and James Simpson followed in 55:06. Phill Hall took part in a mixed three-man team which finished in 41:14.

Meanwhile, heading south was Paul Ryan who completed the Derby 10K race in 57:05 (PB).

Off road, Ian Readman took part in the Whinlatter Xtreme Duathlon. Comprising two 9km mountain runs either side of a 25k mountain bike ride, and taking in over 6000 feet in total, he finished the race in 4:00:51.

The previous week had seen the third instalment of the Hardmoors Trail series, this time held at the Wainstones. Over the 10K distance Gill Colling and Diane Adkins finished together in 2:22:50, while over the marathon distance Anthony Corbett completed the route in 6:19:24 along with Emily Beaumont in 7:50:36.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Rob Dent finished the run at South Park in 19:20 followed by Ian Bond (20:08), Michael Joyeux (20:12), Chris Minto (20:13), Ewan Henderson (20:30), David Mclachlan (20:50), Richard Coulson (21:12), Zoe Rothery (21:55), Billy Harris (22:21), Ty Hankinson (22:21), Steve Mcallister (22:54), Peter Rowley (23:16), Andrew Dixon (23:35, PB), Jeff Marriott (25:32), Julien Deckard (25:41), Mark Blewitt (26:53), Wendy Noble (27:15), Lewis Boshier  (27:32), Michelle Boshier (27:33), Mark Trowles (27:37), Paul Ryan (28:07), Lisa Johnstone (28:11), Andy Whittam (28:12), Michelle Scruby (28:13), Sally Singleton (28:57), Claire Throw (29:01), Juelz Lee-Deckard (29:51), Michael King (30:15), Hazel Commane (31:27), Peter Commane (31:28), Andrea Joyce (33:44) and Lisa Burton (33:46).

At Sedgefield, Phil Clarke completed the run there in 21:51 along with Paul Roberts (23:20), Abbie Hull (27:25), Diane Adkins (34:25) and Jill Wallis (35:00), while at Albert Park, Stephen Moore did the run there in 20:46. At Redcar, Paul Dalton was first finisher there in 17:36, followed by Nick Mason (18:26), Andrew Vernon (25:31) and Sarah Watson (25:31), while over at Tees Barrage, Paul Appleton finished the run there in 25:01 along with John Brant (26:25) and Jeanette Appleton (28:00).

Heading further afield was Anthony Corbett who did the run at South Shields in 23:55, while down in London, Clare Apps did the Hackney Marshes run in 21:03.

img-2 Paul Roberts appears to be adding a little gymnastics routine to his steeplechase run (and swim!)