Press Report w/e 20/12/2015

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Press Reports

The last weekend before Christmas saw not only an anniversary celebration, but some Quakers running for both turkeys and chocolate!

Loftus played host to the annual Poultry Run, which gave some runners the chance to actually win their Christmas dinner this year. Jamie Norman covered the 8 mile multi-terrain course in 1:12:42 followed by Michelle Boshier (1:14:45) and Claire Norman (1:27:40).

At the Saltwell 10K near Gateshead, England’s oldest surviving race over the distance, Rebecca Howard completed the undulating parkland route in 48:46 along with Michelle Boshier (55:15).

The third of the Stockton Winter 5K Trail series took place at Preston Park, with runners no doubt tempted by the promise of a free selection box to every finisher. First home over the muddy two-lap route around the park was Rob Dent in 20:57, followed by Phil Rutter (23:01), Rebecca Howard (25:13), Gary Read (25:25), Peter Rowley (26:26), Danny Gordon (27:07), Matt Jackson (28:05), Sally Singleton (31:08), Gill Colling (31:39), Abbie Hull (33:50) and Diane Adkins (34:23).

The previous week had seen a large turnout at the final event of this year’s Hardmoors Trail series, at a very snowy Roseberry Topping. In the marathon event, which ended up covering just over 30 miles, Michael King finished the route in 5:48:32 along with Roy MacDougall & Mark Colling in 7:47:30 and Wendy Colling, Anthony Corbett, April Corbett & Sandra Cass in 8:07:37. In the half marathon distance, Ian Readman completed the course in 2:46:25 followed by Gary Read (3:19:51), Rebecca Bowes (3:46:01), Gavin Armstrong (3:46:58) and Michelle Boshier & Rebecca Howard (4:22:47), while Diane Adkins finished the 10K race in 2:14:18.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Dave Jones finished the third anniversary run at South Park in 19:37 followed by Richard Coulson (21:44), David Mclachlan (22:20), Rob Gillham (22:45), David Whittle (22:59), Peter Rowley (24:41), Andrew Dixon (25:18), Rebecca Bowes (25:29), Gary Read (26:23), Paul Roberts (27:03), Paul Rossington (27:36), Wendy Noble (27:40), Michelle Boshier (27:43), Lewis Boshier (27:44), Duncan O’neil (28:31), Lee Morris (28:46), Sally Singleton (29:16), Michael King (33:47), Louise Mccann (34:52), Jan Waite (35:30), Emma Joyeux (40:07), Adrian Dent (40:09) and Paul Ryan (40:52).

At Albert Park, Nick Mason completed the run there in 19:54 along with Stephen Moore in 22:56, while at Sedgefield, Mark Blewitt and Diane Adkins ran there in 27:46 and 34:05 respectively.

A festive looking Michelle Boshier approaching the finish at Loftus A festive looking Michelle Boshier approaching the finish at Loftus