Press Report w/e 16/11/2014

by | Nov 19, 2014 | Press Reports

It was a straight-up choice between Leeds and Whitby last weekend, with some people even doing both races, however for one runner, the sunny shores of Spain were calling them.

Down on the Costa Blanca, Nick Mason competed in the Valencia marathon, covering the 26.2 mile distance in a new PB of 2:59:35.

In Leeds at the Abbey Dash 10K, Michael Joyeux finished in 33:49 (PB), followed by Colin Wild (39:36), Katherine Hackett (39:47, PB), Rob Dent (40:39), Stephen Moore (42:12), Louise Trainor (43:05), Paul Roberts (44:24), Gavin Armstrong (48:03), Neil Harrington (49:28), Wendy Noble (49:55), Phil Hall (51:02), Steven Johnston (51:22), Elaine Cooper (52:27), James Simpson (52:46, PB), Julie Whinn (55:00), Joanne Todd (55:28, PB), Paula Roberts (1:01:22), Diane Adkins (1:02:29), Lee Morris (1:05:25), Rebecca Howard (1:08:52) and Adrian Dent (1:20:43).

The latest of the cross country events took place at Whitby at the weekend. In the women’s race, which also included the under 17 boys and over 65 men, Ewan Henderson completed the 5.4K distance in 25:15, along with Lesley Miller (29:20), Danny Gordon (29:52), Abbie Hull (30:40), Bev Snook (31:10), Sue New (31:16), Hannah Robinson (33:50), Gill Colling (34:57) and Gillian Harris (36:31).

In the men’s race, Nick Watson completed the 9.3K distance in 37:53, followed by Brian Martin (38:58 and first in his age category), Michael Kay (40:22), Mark Robinson (41:23), Andrew Vernon (41:46), Matt Capsey (42:15), Phil Rutter (42:38), Darren Wright (42:52), Mark Tallon (43:05), Darren Stockdale (43:17), Phil Clarke (43:33), Patrick Robson (44:06), Gary Read (44:21), Graham Park (44:23), David McClachlan (45:31), Paul Roberts (46:15), Gavin Armstrong (48:50), Michael Oliver (49:53), Simon Rek (50:10) and Phil Hall (51:38).

Gary Read, Darren Stockdale and Nick Watson all braved the fells for the Commondale Beacon race, the three covering the 8.8 mile route together in 1:17:13.

Out on the hills, there was a sizeable turnout at the Wensleydale Wedge event. Covering the fairly muddy 23 mile route were Dave Thompson and Annette Clarke in 4:38, Charlie Bogg in 4:52, and Nicola Howe, Anthony Corbett, April Corbett, Sandra Cass & Wendy Colling who all finished together in 5:37.

The previous week had also seen the latest of the Hardmoors 26.2 events, this time at Goathland. In the marathon distance, Emily Beaumont completed the course in 6:35:56, while Wendy Colling, Anthony Corbett, April Corbett and Sandra Cass all finished together in 6:52:00. Nicola Howe ran the half marathon in 2:54:08, while in the (always longer than usual) 10K race, Mark Colling and Diane Adkins finished in 1.26.28 and 1.55.32 respectively.

In the Saturday morning parkruns, Marc Ellis completed the run at South Park in 18:16, followed by Steven Snook (20:30), Michael Joyeux (22:20), David Todd (23:31), Peter Rowley (23:49), Dale Chapman (24:17), Michelle Boshier (25:13), Gary Read (25:13), Mark Blewitt (25:43), Colin Smith (26:25), Andrew Vernon (26:27), Sarah Watson (26:28), Anneli Mackenzie Brown (28:42), Emily Mann (28:56), Julie Whinn (28:58), Michael King (29:07), Paula Roberts (31:15) and Lucy Bendle (31:33).

At Sedgefield, Dave Thompson completed the run there in 23:08, along with Wendy Colling (25:24) and April Corbett (26:11), while Stephen Moore did the Albert Park run in 20:26.

Two headed down to Wakefield; Anthony Corbett completing the Nostell Priory run in 24:39, while James Simpson did the Thornes run in 25:54.

img-4 Gillian Harris still smiling despite the fairly muddy conditions at the Whitby cross country race.