Take a breather and save your energy

by | Jun 12, 2020 | Corona

Members of the Quakers Running Club – run hard, breath harder, right? But what if a sub optimal breathing pattern is sapping energy before you’ve even got your trainers on? This video will help you understand how sub optimal breathing could increase total energy expenditure and effort. As if running isn’t hard enough… ? This is an ‘unlisted’ You Tube channel with recordings only available to those of you with the recording link. Therefore if you gain something from this video please give it a thumbs up (like) and leave a comment below. Disclaimer: This video is not designed as a personalized exercise prescription or rehabilitation strategy. If in doubt please see a registered health professional. If you have a a musculoskeletal injury or problem, my virtual physiotherapy clinic is open and I also offer options for live and recorded virtual Physio Led Pilates classes – see website for details. www.nickwatsonphysiotherapyandpilates.co.uk