2019 February achievements

by | May 11, 2019 | News

Hi all

During February we have seen Club records beaten in distances from the Quaker beer mile to the Ultra 50 miles distance.  We have had age category placements, PBs, Marathons and Ultra Marathons completed by our fantastic members.

Claire Chapman     Feb    Quaker Beer Mile      Club Record 11:40
Anthony Corbett     Feb    Quaker Beer Mile      Club Record 11:41
Emily Beaumont    Feb     Pately Bridge             Marathon 5:19:31
Brian Martin            Feb    Dewsbury 10K          1st in age Cat & Club Record 37:35
Michael Kipling       Feb    Dewsbury 10K           PB 37:47
Corey Horn             Feb    Dewsbury 10K           PB 40:09
Billy Harris              Feb    Dewsbury 10K           PB 40:25
Diane Vaughan       Feb    Dewsbury 10K           PB 44:47 & 3rd in her age category
Sandra Martin         Feb    Dewsbury 10K           PB 51:12
Kathryn Plant          Feb    Dewsbury 10K           PB 56:19
Marc Ellis                Feb   Marsden Quary 5k     6th place overall
Emily Beaumont     Feb    Saltburn Marathon     Marathon
Rebecca Bowes     Feb    Saltburn Marathon     Marathon
Dave Jones            Feb    Saltburn 10K              Overall winner
Dave Thompson     Feb    Winter Poppyline Race Ultra Marathon 50m, Club record 10:31
Juliette McLaren     Feb    Snake Lane 10m       PB 1:28:58
Lisa Alderson          Feb    Snake Lane 10m       PB 1:45:11
Stuart Hardcastle    Feb    Ruthin 10k                 1st in age category

If you have an achievement that is a race placement in the top 10 finishers, placed in and age category, a PB, completed a marathon or ultra marathon or have set a Club Record and have not been included please do let me know by emailing stats@quakers.run so that I can add it to the annual achievements report.

April Corbett