Press Report w/e 20/04/2014

by | Apr 23, 2014 | Press Reports

Good Friday for most Quakers means only one thing and that’s a trip to the coast for the Mermaid 10km race at Marske, the first league race of the season. In fact, so many members took part they made up one-sixth of the entire field.

Despite a strong headwind on some parts of the course, Michael Joyeux put in an impressive performance to finish third overall in 34:09, with Paul Dalton coming in seventh in 36:07. Dawn Richardson was first female home for the club (and the second overall) finishing in 39:59. Next across the line was Rob Dent in 40:45, followed by Dale Chapman (40:59), Mark Robinson (41:44), Stephen Moore (41:49), Rob Gillham (42:11, PB), David McLachlan (42:25), Mark Tallon (42:38), Steve Snook (43:17), Gary Read (44:12, PB), Chris Minto (44:54), Paul Roberts (45:31), Paul Keedy (45:33), Michael Oliver (45:51), Peter Rowley (45:53), Marta Rybarczyk (46:24), Neil Harrington (46:26, PB), Matt Jackson (48:33), Mark Colling (48:53), Paul Appleton (49:18), Stephen Mcallister (49:24), Jeff Marriott (50:05), Rob Marquiss (51:29), Julie Whinn (52:34 and third in her age category), Sandra Cass (53:15), Paul Hutchinson (53:37), Sandra Martin (54:10), John Whinn (54:13), Clare Stradling (54:15), Leigh Padgett (55:11), Jeanette Appleton (55:16), Emma Whitworth (55:57, PB), Darryn Wood (56:14), Aidan Robertson (56:50), Sally Singleton (58:54), Diane Adkins (1:00:49) and Alan Prest (1:04:09).

At the Helmsley 10km Challenge on Easter Sunday, Mark Colling was first home for the club in 48:00, followed by Abbie Hull (50:06), Anthony Corbett (50:45), Wendy Colling (50:55), April Corbett (52:14), Darryn Wood (1:02:11) and Sandra Cass (1:06:49). Up the road on the same day, the North Tyneside 10km saw Ian Redman complete the course in 41:19, along with Rob Gillham (43:58) and Diane Adkins (1:03:24).

The first of this year’s NYSD Track & Field meetings took place at Clairville Stadium, Middlesbrough with a range of races on offer to those who attended. In the 100m, Mark Colling (incidentally the oldest runner in the field) recorded 15.70, while in the 400m, Mark Tallon finished in 62:40 and Chris Minto in 66:90. Over the longer distances Michael Joyeux ran the 3000m in 9:42.7 (PB), followed by Michael Parry in 9:51.2, and Mark Tallon, who doubled up for the evening, in 11:23.4.

In the Saturday morning Parkruns, South Park was witness to a few Easter bunnies running round the course, where Michael Joyeux finished in 17:17, followed by Richard Coulson (19:29), Brian Martin (20:32), Ewan Henderson (20:59), Zoe Rothery (22:48), Katie Barker (23:44), David Todd (23:51), Danny Gordon (23:53), Timothy Francis (24:01), Jessica Campbell (24:11), Gary Read (24:15), Matthew Hall (24:35), David Hood (25:17), Nigel Walker (25:25), Lewis Boshier (27:13), Amy Woodcock (27:38), Michael Robinson (28:46), Gillian Harris (28:51), Claire Norman (28:53), Michael King (29:41), Darryn Wood (35:08), Adrian Dent (36:17) and Michelle Boshier (41:08).

A large group headed over to Sedgefield where Peter Jefferies finished in 20:45, followed by Paul Roberts (22:08), Dave Thompson (22:54), Abbie Hull (23:57), Paul Jefferies (24:35), Wendy Colling (24:42), April Corbett (25:15), Richard Payne (25:58), Julie Jefferies (26:09), Gill Colling (29:42) and Jill Wallis (35:07). At Tees Barrage, John Brant ran in 25:11 along with Paul Appleton (26:16) and Jeanette Appleton (27:52), while Durham was visited by Anthony Corbett (25:13) and Mark Colling (25:13).

A smiling Steve McAllister heads for the finish at Marske A smiling Steve McAllister heads for the finish at Marske